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International News: Family Matters - Three Couples Assess The New KIA XCeed Crossover

International News: Family Matters - Three Couples Assess The New KIA XCeed Crossover

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Three sets of parents run their eye over the new Kia XCeed crossover and give us their honest opinion on how its looks, driving position, interior and technology measure up CAR ENTHUSIASTS are often leant on by friends for advice when it comes to buying a car. How simple life would be if there was a single answer for everyone, but of course a teenager, a middle-aged father and an “empty-nester” will all have different requirements, and individual tastes.

For families, the needs are — on the face of it — simple: a spacious interior; good visibility all round; and top safety features. But then, should it run on petrol, diesel, hybrid power or electricity? Manual or automatic transmission? Perhaps too large a car would make negotiating tight parking spaces too much of a challenge; and does buying a family car have to mean giving up on stylish looks?

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The new Kia XCeed could be the answer to many of those questions. It combines the compact size and practicality of a hatchback with the raised driving position of an SUV. It has a sporty, coupé-like rear, so there’s no sacrifice on style, and you can buy it with an efficient petrol or diesel engine, and manual or automatic gearboxes. Next year, there will be a plug-in hybrid version, allowing trips of up to 30 miles on zero-emission electric power.

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Date Posted: November 12, 2019