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Leslie Johnston | ON | 2017-12-14

We knew what we wanted and had talked to Chadwick before we got there. The staff that we met and dealt with were fantastic.

The car was all clean inside and out.

Chadwick was great to deal with. Thank you so much.


Joseph McCooeye | ON | 2017-12-11

Very friendly staff. Treat you great.

Lucille Jacobs | ON | 2017-12-07

The service was great, took my vehicle in right away. Had no chairs in waiting room and the attendie got a chair for me. Asked me if i wanted coffee or anything to drink.


Eric Millward | ON | 2017-12-07

Amber took the time for all my questions. I didn't feel rushed to leave. Assured me if I had questions after I left to let her know.


Martin Persky | ON | 2017-12-06

Nice country style shopping experience.

Robert Lalonde | ON | 2017-12-05

The staff were very friendly and professional at all time. The offices and show room were very clean and organized.

Again the staff were knowledgeable and kind. They were professional at all times, shaking our hands upon arrival, upon completion of the deal and upon leaving. Made our children feel comfortable while there by offering juice, and brought in chairs to make them comfortable as well. Took plenty of time to answer our questions, and didn't get pushy when we declined certain features. We had a great experience and we love our new van!


Denis Bissonnette | ON | 2017-12-05

Ive never seen such an amazing team that works together so great to fulfill a customers needs truly remarkable employees

Susan O'Connell | ON | 2017-12-05

Very pleasant to speak with. My vehicle had been recalled, so the work to be done was specific. The work was done in a timely manner.

I really appreciate the attention given to clients. For example, I had been given winter tires as a perk when I purchased my car; however, they did not work out, and the Manager handled this matter very professionally, which gave me complete satisfaction with Kia's approach to car problems. Something I appreciated at the moment, and this would definitely be one of the reasons for me to return to Kia for help in the future--whether needing service or buying a new car.

I had returned to ask that my "perk" winter tires be checked because there was a bumpy and fluttering ride since receiving the winter tires. The agent said the tires were normal. I decided to get a second opinion, and the feedback indicated the tires were from November 2006, and they were extremely brittle and worn. Feedback was to change them immediately, which is what the Manager at Kia did. He set an appointment for the following afternoon to replace them with brand new tires. I'm thankful.

I like the dealership, I like the people and I would recommend it to others. They treated me fairly, although I did have to seek a second opinion. It all worked out fine.

Barbara Guertin | ON | 2017-12-04

I find the staff extremely helpful and great to deal with.

Wayne Poirier | ON | 2017-12-04

I chose to wait while my 2015 Rio received a service 3 maintenance package. The staff were extremely friendly & helpful.

Serge Ethier | ON | 2017-12-03

I only go to Kia for all service needs. The staff is great and the prices are fair. The job is always done right.

Joseph Morris | ON | 2017-12-02

A very friendly owner, & great sales manager, & a very good salesman, will advertise for your dealership.

Ian Anderson | ON | 2017-11-30

They are great. It is the season for winter tires and I did expect they maybe a bit behind cause of this. I had no issues with them being behind. I expected it in fact. They took the time to carefully remove the tires and rims off (rims were aluminum alloy custom very expensive) to prevent damaging them which I fully appreciate. Fantastic service and look forward to all interactions with them in the future. Great Job guys. Keep up the good work.

Jennifer Harper | ON | 2017-11-27

Staff is always polite, friendly, and efficient.

Gillian Kent | ON | 2017-11-27

All of the staff at Uptown Kia are exceptionally friendly and helpful.

Jeanine Parent Lalonde | ON | 2017-11-26

Très bien merci! Mon prochain véhicule Kia sera certainement chez Uptown Cornwall.

Florence Watson | ON | 2017-11-25

I have always had good service at Kia. Thank you for the great service you offer. I find Kia a very good dealership and I'm glad I have been using them for so many years and will keep on doing so.

Very good. Very satisfied. Keep up the good service.

Carol Coffey | ON | 2017-11-22

Effective interaction and polite. Effecient.

Phil Marleau | ON | 2017-11-21


Jo-Ann Da-Silva | ON | 2017-11-21

Courteous and efficient.

Lise Fortier | ON | 2017-11-15

La courtoisie du personnel était exemplaire.

Colin Bold | ON | 2017-11-14

Snow tires and rims were ordered before the appointment and tires were installed on rims just waiting for us to arrive for our appointment. Waiting time was very limited. We were well looked after with friendly smiles and a free cup of tea and a soft chair to sit and wait. Nothing wrong with that.

Always looking out for his clients needs. Willing to be always helpful. 


Rene Primeau | ON | 2017-11-13

The work was done faster than expected the staff were all exceptionally nice informative and helpful.

Paul Holland | ON | 2017-11-12

Best dealership I have dealt with. I have complete confidence in the service department. Mathieu Bergeron and Dan Ford in particular have always been extremely helpful and efficient.

Debra Berniquer | ON | 2017-11-12

Service was good nice waiting area enjoyed a cup of tea.

Susan McGillis | ON | 2017-11-10

The sale person was professional and realistic and not pushy. I realize they will move into a more modern dealership. My decision was not based on looks of dealership, personal touch of salesman sealed the deal.

Leighton Woods | ON | 2017-11-10

The customer service consultant Dan Ford who served me was absoletely excellent. I brought in two small kids with me and he offered to get me wherever I needed to go, move car seats around etc, which I declined. He checked in with us periodically while waiting for our vehicle and make sure we were well taken care of. Great job Dan!

Lisa Mercer | ON | 2017-11-07

I had a great overall experience with the staff everyone there Is very friendly and helpful.

Louise Dubeau | ON | 2017-11-07

Very friendly & accommodating & helpful.

Arthur Charbonneau | ON | 2017-11-07

Was made welcome on the visit and driven home in the courtesy vehicle as it was going to take half a day to complete the required work for the recalls.

The service consultant was attentive and knowledgeable about the recall and answered all my questions and was very helpful and pleasant.


David Howarth | ON | 2017-11-06

Excellent service. Excellent staff. My experience throughout the process of purchasing my new 2018 Kia Sorento, was excellent.

Colette Charron | ON | 2017-11-03

Thank you Kia staff for going the extra mile for me..I am very happy.

Kerry Mitchell | ON | 2017-10-30

Love going to MY KIA dealership. Makes me feel like a visit to a good friend, comfortable. the dealership has always tried to make things right when I missed a promo special I got another deal!!

The deal was easy; I knew what I was willing to pay and KIA made it happen!

Have an open invite to sit with the dealer anytime! Love that.

Brad Hunt | ON | 2017-10-30

Very impressed in the way the entire service went. Also kept abreast of the mechanical issues and the steps being take to resolve them. Overall great experience and staff.

Jean Geneau | ON | 2017-10-28

Its always very clean. All went well.

Alan Crossthwaite | ON | 2017-10-28

Everything went as expected.

David Holford | ON | 2017-10-27

The personnel and the environment for waiting customers are good to excellent. On occasion I wait for an hour or more and have no complaints.

The recent incidents with oil stains in my garage was a concern, but I am told this is due to some spillage during the work and not a leak - there is no continuing sign of a leak.

The staff I am exposed to are excellent; polite, helpful and willing to answer questions with logical explanations.

My future vehicles will almost certainly be Kia products.

Bonny Tessier | ON | 2017-10-27

Every one was very helpful. They were great I wouldn't change a thing. Uptown Kia is the best dealership in town. All the staff are always ready to answer my questions. Keep up the great work guy's. They did everything they said and more.

Joan McCuaig | ON | 2017-10-26

Sales person worked hard to reach a deal with me. One that I was comfortable with. Answered all my questions.

Would recommend them to my friends and family.



Rob Myers | ON | 2017-10-21

Any place will sell you a vehicle, and offer great customer service. Knowing that nothing is ever perfect, it’s when you need help solving issues that a dealer becomes important. I have had nothing but great service from uptown kia and the owner himself. Being a picky and very observant person i can imagine i am not always “pleasant” to deal with but the customer service remains #1. Strongly suggest doing business with uptown kia here in Cornwall.

Diane Grannary | ON | 2017-10-19

No, its all good.

Joyce Bender | ON | 2017-10-18

Staff very attentive including the sales part of the facility...ie: offering coffee, etc.

Charles Johnsen | ON | 2017-10-16

The advisor told me the service would take 3 hours, and I asked if I would be provided a courtesy drop off and said there would be no problem.

Was helpful providing me with a courtesy car and keeping me informed as to how long the service would take.

Dealership is clean and waiting area is very comfortable. Staff are professional including the shuttle driver.

The work was completed within the time I was told it would be completed.

France Longtin | ON | 2017-10-12

Everything is up to par. I also really appreciate a hot coffee and was able to get on the Internet on my iPad. I was very happy to see that the problem was under warranty.

It took a little longer because they found another problem when they did the maintenance check. It’s all good!

I also want to mention that a gentleman who I assume was the owner, made eye contact with me and said good afternoon. I thought that was very nice of him!


Gregory De Dekker | ON | 2017-10-10

I did have a problem on this visit but spoke with the dealership and all was looked after.

Stephanie Savage | ON | 2017-10-09

Miranda was very efficient and terrific. All staff were friendly! It made the whole experience very easy, and we felt welcome there.

Robert Myers | ON | 2017-10-04

Always had good service, friendly team of people able to negotiate to get me into what i want and not something I don't.

I gave my best offer and it was accepted, no hasstle or games.

Although not at all the dealers fault, the uvo intelligence system was a bit hard to setup, but my sales person has been helping anytime i need help.

Gisele Gray | ON | 2017-10-03

No complaints.

Lloyd McDiarmid | ON | 2017-10-02

Very pleased. The service staff knew that my wife was coming to drop the car off, needed a ride and needed to be picked up at a certain time. All this was done.

Kandie Williams | ON | 2017-10-02

The staff were friendly and accommodating.

Ian Anderson | ON | 2017-10-02

Nope Good people, Good car.

Guy Perreault | ON | 2017-09-28

Just wanted to try something new other than GM.

Facility where very well organised, ease of entrance, salesman was right there to greet us. Cars well displayed and ease of manoeuvring between vehicles.

Walked in with one deal, step out with a closed deal.

Peter Turner | ON | 2017-09-28

Our salesperson was very helpful very knowledgeable. We enjoyed dealing with this dealership everyone was very helpful. The dealership is well organized. Managed well.

Very friendly and complimentary. They offered us to return at anytime for help with any feature.


Alice Thibert | ON | 2017-09-27

I had an excellent service and I would recommend it.

Lise Lavallee-Quan | ON | 2017-09-26

The people make the difference, from the first greeting to the final sale. The staff make the dealership facility very inviting.


Margaret Hachey | ON | 2017-09-22

Everyone was very nice, polite and helpful.

Ashley Lapierre | ON | 2017-09-19

Everyone has great costumer service, everything was done in a timely manner and I was able to run errands as I waited for my car to be ready!

Great work KIA!

Louis Mathieu | ON | 2017-09-19

Professional showroom - ease in displays. Very professional. Amber was a joy to deal with.

Isabelle Pilon | ON | 2017-09-18

Nous voudrions faire part de notre extrême reconnaissance envers Monsieur Stephen C. Eastman et Monsieur Mathieu R. Bergeron de l’équipe de « Uptown Kia » suite à une mauvaise situation vécue dernièrement.

Samedi 12 août dernier, en route pour deux semaines de vacances et la voiture remplie de bagages, nous avons eu la mauvaise surprise de voir apparaitre la lumière ''Check Engine'' sur notre tableau de bord.

Nous avons appelé l’assistance Kia qui nous a dirigés vers un concessionnaire qui était sur notre itinéraire de voyage et dont le service technique était ouvert le samedi. Le préposé nous a mis en ligne avec le service du concessionnaire Kia à Cornwall. Mon conjoint a expliqué la situation avec son meilleur anglais, mais Monsieur Mathieu Bergeron a vite offert à mon conjoint de parler en français si cela était plus facile. Première approche client très rassurante. Nous étions donc attendus chez ce concessionnaire environ 45 minutes plus tard.

En arrivant sur place, Monsieur Stephen Eastman, nous attendait et nous a gentiment offert un café et a discuté avec nous, en français, sur nos plans de vacances et nous a fait visiter les lieux. Ne parlant malheureusement pas anglais et dans cette situation plus que déplaisante, un samedi et au début de nos vacances, je dois dire que cet extraordinaire accueil nous a grandement rassurés.
Ils ont décelé un problème important au niveau du thermostat qui ne nous aurait pas permis de continuer notre route. Ils ont pris le temps nécessaire pour corriger la situation pour que nous repartions en toute sécurité.

Cette expérience qui au départ était très négative et stressante s’est révélée être une belle expérience puisque nous avons fait la rencontre de gens sympathiques et très axés sur le contact humain. Cette expérience fait aussi en sorte qu’il ne serait pas surprenant que je décide d’aller acheter mon prochain véhicule chez ce concessionnaire même si mon domicile est à 150 km de Cornwall et même si je dois changer de province.

Du "service à la clientèle" comme nous en avons eu à cet endroit est rare de nos jours. C’est pourquoi il était important pour nous de le faire savoir.

Gros merci à toute l’équipe et bon succès.

Veronica Corriveau | ON | 2017-09-13

Excellent customer service great atmosphere in store.

Claude Perras | ON | 2017-09-13

Matt and Dan are excellent at their Jobs. I will be returning to Uptown Kia

Francine Ritter Von Trautmann | ON | 2017-09-10

The service department told me that it will take about 1h30 to fix the problem. My friend and I wanted to go shopping and one of the employee took us to the Mall. We would like to say thank you for that personal service. Very appreciated.

Dana Jackson | ON | 2017-09-07

Contacted by dealership for recalls to be completed....added on my oil change and break inspection as suggested.'

Very clean always attentive friendly associates.


Melissa Morgan-Dobson | ON | 2017-09-07

After my recent car accident the dealership did everything they could to get me into the car I wanted and quickly. They provided me with a service loaner during my wait for delivery of my new car. They staff are very friendly and welcoming. I truly have nothing but compliments for the entire staff at Uptown KIA.

Loes Breuers | ON | 2017-09-06

Friendly greetings, attentive service

Kerry Mitchell | ON | 2017-09-05

Meets my expectations.

Mellissa Morgan-Dobson | ON | 2017-09-01

A huge thank you to Uptown KIA for the amazing service both before and after my accident, as always. And for getting me into the Niro. I absolutely love it. You guys are totally awesome. Thanks for the super kewl shirts. We will wear them when we go to the KIA Plant during our trip to Seoul, South Korea.

David Height | ON | 2017-08-25

The employees greeted us with smiles, they had their uniforms on which is very clean looking. The store inside was immaculate very clean not at all cluttered inside.

Being a Ford owner we have never been so disappointed in my life!! As it was the vehicle I eventually traded in which was a 2010 Ford Fusion became their loss. We eventually came to Kia without high expectations!! BUT in fact I drove home a new 2018 Kia Soul.

We absolutely are in love with our purchase.Also we have never been treated with the utmost respect. We were also suprised at how well the dealerhip was. There was not anyone getting their vehicles repaired like we experienced at our local Ford dealership.

We were served and met with a amazing deal and awesome perks when we purchased our new vehicle we are very actully extremely happy with our decision so much we actually praised Uptown Kia Cornwall in a local Facebook group and a lot of people are going to look at what is available themselves.

Marc Brunette | ON | 2017-08-25

Nice experience. Would recommend to friends and family.

Sheri Webb | ON | 2017-08-24

We recently contacted Kia Cornwall as I had an unfortunate accident on our first day of vacation. I backed my Kia out of an underground parking spot and hit a cement post. Stephen and Mat were both amazing in helping our situation.

Stephen answered the phone after closing (which is awesome in itself!!), was very patient in answering our questions and asked us to come in the next day. When we arrived Stephen greeted us as the door with a warm welcome.

Stephen had already let Mat know of our situation. We asked it there was some way that the damage could be held together until after our vacation. Mat said he would look at the car. We enjoyed a lovely cup of coffee while we waited and couldn't believe the personable service we received. WOW!!! WOW!!! WOW!!! These two guys are amazing and really helped a bad situation turn good. They had us on our way within 40 minutes!! Thanks again for ALL your help Stephen & Mat!!!

Thanks so very, very much!

Nancy-L Gauthier | ON | 2017-08-22

Called for an appointment for regular service package. Mentioned that I'd had a couple of recalls that needed to be addressed. The service department informed me that they were familiar with the recalls and they would be taken care of promptly. They also let me know that there would be no cost to me as one of the recalls required what was already in the package I was scheduled for. Hurray! I like those visits. Very appreciative.

Service department and it's advisors are always courteous, knowledgeable, and approachable. They keep me informed of any unexpected problems.

I have always had pleasant experience(s) when dealing with sales dept and service. Knowledgeable and pleasant staff.

Marlene Morrissette | ON | 2017-08-20

Very prompt and courteous.

Laurier Fredette | ON | 2017-08-18

Etablissement relativement petit mais tres propre et conforme. Le concessionnaire a tres bien evalue ma voiture d,echange et a respecte sa parole.

Andre Laframboise | ON | 2017-08-18

It's a small facility, but the use of available space is being maximized, and everything was spotlessly clean and comfortable.

No issues at all; an excellent experience overall with very minor hiccups that were quickly resolved.

Jennifer Harper | ON | 2017-08-14

It was just an oil change! But service staff were courteous and knowledgeable as always.

Marion Barnes | ON | 2017-08-13

As always, great service. Thanks Matt, Dan, Tyson, whoever serviced the vehicle - and especially to whoever cleaned the vehicle. Great job!

Donna S. Dufresne | ON | 2017-08-12

Steve and Miranda was so amazing to deal with gave us a awesome trade in price on ours we were very satisfied as a result we are extremely happy owners of a Kia Soul EX wowsers what a gorgeous vehicle not only did we receive our vehicle there were also perks in our trunk - we have the Kia Hampster each a ball cap a Bluetooth mini speaker and a blanket 4 oil changes plus full tank of gas thank you so much for taking care of us Steve.

Marcel Bissonnette | ON | 2017-08-11

Good Service.

Bruce Thompson | ON | 2017-08-11

Shuttle was great, prompt and courteous.

Lise Logan | ON | 2017-08-10

I have always received exceptional service and advice from this KIA dealership service center here in Cornwall. I have dealt with Matt Bergeron on a number of times for maintenance on my vehicle and he has always gone out of his way to provide me with advice and great service, he always makes me feel comfortable to ask him any question or concern about my vehicle and not feel stupid. He is a great asset to the company and the face of KIA service which is very important because as we all know first impressions are important and tend to stay with us weather they are good or bad. Matt is very knowledgeable and if he does not have the answer right away he will find out and get back to me.

John Tessier | ON | 2017-08-09

Courteous and helpful. Truly satisfied of service and advisor. Love the area and facility. Completely satisfied. Great employees! Friendly.

Catherine Croney | ON | 2017-08-08

Clean, neat, well laid out and inviting. It's our 4 vehicle purchase from there and we'll continue to buy and service our vehicles there!

Lise Gibeault | ON | 2017-08-08

No complaints!!!

Carole Greggain | ON | 2017-08-04

The service was great, everyone was to the point at what was to be done on the car. We had no problems at all.

The service consultant was courteous and to the point. Everything was explained clearly.

The pickup process was easy and simple. NO problems.


Gregory De Dekker | ON | 2017-07-31

Service manager actually made contact with me outside as I was pulling in. Held the door for me and finished with the customer in front of me and then looked after me. As I sat in the waiting room, every staff member that passed acknowledged me and a couple even asked if I needed a coffee. Very impressive.


Pierre Tessier | ON | 2017-07-25

Excellent service so far i am very pleased with my Kia.

Murielle Amyotte | ON | 2017-07-24

Happy friendly wanting to help. They either knew the answer or found it. Clean and tidy. 

Service seems much better than a few years ago. Done wright first time.

Ranold Lazore | ON | 2017-07-16

Very friendly, always asking if we want anything to drink. If we are ok if we need anything.

Amanda Van Overbeek | ON | 2017-07-15

I was very happy with the excellent service I received at this dealership the whole team was very knowledgeable and efficient and more then willing to do their best to make the sale, which made the whole buying experience pleasant. I would absolutely recommend this dealership to friends and family.

They really took all the stress out of the whole process, everything went very smoothly and efficiently.

They did a great job and even invited me to come back if I had any questions or needed any assistance with anything.

Dalbir Khattra | ON | 2017-07-12

I am writing in regards to the great service I recieved from Neil and the rest of the staff at Uptown Kia. They made the buy so smooth and effortless for me. They were very kind and took the extra step to help. Even after I had bought the car they called to see how I like my new car. I love my Kia Sorento it has everything I wanted and need. I would definitely go back to them again if I ever need another car in the future.

Natasha Carriere | ON | 2017-07-10

Extremely friendly staff. I just went in for an oil change so it was quick. Very clean, welcoming environment. 

The staff are so friendly! You can tell that they are truly passionate about what they do. It's great to walk in there and feel welcomed.

Jeanine Parent Lalonde | ON | 2017-07-07

Simple, claire et facile! Tout m'a été très bien expliqué à deux reprises. Merci au vendeur Justin Côté pour l'excellent service chez UPTOWN KIA Cornwall.

Gisele Gray | ON | 2017-07-07

The staff are inviting, they make you feel welcome, tend to all your needs .

Margaret Bergeron | ON | 2017-07-07

All Good.

Edith Crosby | ON | 2017-07-06

No problems, everything completed as scheduled. To date I have always had good service.

Jack Kyer | ON | 2017-07-05

Very friendly service clerks.

Irene Ward | ON | 2017-07-05

Courtesy and professionalism was top notch. Each person encountered was pleasant and seemed genuinely pleased to see us each and every time.


Kevin Moore | ON | 2017-07-04

All was completed in time specified, was greeted by sales, Chadwick and Steve, offered a bottled water as I was heading out for bike while SUV was in for oil... Great Service!

I had bought a Sorrento at Uptown and brought my daughter in and she bought a Sportage both experiences were very good and the service experience has been the same, great job!

Heidi Sebalj | ON | 2017-07-04

Efficient, professional service , very accommodating , clear communication of work required. 

Dan was welcoming provided alternate transportation inform me of updates - Matt facilitated detailing - everyone was upbeat and friendly - awesome atmosphere.

Effective efficient friendly staff - 2 thumbs up.



Catherine Francis | ON | 2017-07-01

All good.

Michael Scuffell | ON | 2017-06-30

Did a good, complete job. Well done. Overall happy with service.

Peter Ozinga | ON | 2017-06-23

Well it gives me peace of mind that I take my Rondo to the dealership for it's regular maintenance, be it package 1,2,or 3. I don't put on many miles, but it's nice to know that the car is reliable. With your service, I think I can keep the Rondo for at least the next 5 years. Thank you.

Lisa Larocque | ON | 2017-06-22

I would like to let you know that I have always had very good service at the Dealership.

Matt and Dan have always been friendly and polite. I have known Dan for years and I think very highly of him. I'm glad he's part of the Team.

Shawn in the shop has always taken the time to discuss what he's done with my vehicle. I respect his option and his work ethic.

I just wanted the Management Staff to be aware of this...its a great atmosphere to walk into.

Jessica Maracle | ON | 2017-06-20

Today marks one year since I have become a KIA customer. And I am more in love today, than the first day I met my car. We have travelled to new interesting places, had a few bumps along the way but kept each other safe. 

Deciding to choose KIA was a tough decision but the best one I've made. Special shout out to all of the staff, who not only remember your name but also go above and beyond to make the oil changes and check ups an easy and sometimes even a fun experience!

Steven Smith | ON | 2017-06-17

Overall one of the best purchase experiences we have gone through. Mike was very helpful , professional and made us feel comfortable.

Margaret Hogan | ON | 2017-06-16

All went very well. No issues. Very fast and efficient.

Crystal Wood | ON | 2017-06-15

All of the staff at Uptown Kia are truly amazing people from Reception, to Sales, to Service/ Parts, everyone goes above and beyond.

I always feel at home when I walk through the doors, till the time I leave, and always a smile on my face.

They sold me my first vehicle, my second and will sell me my third. I'm so grateful to be part of the KIA family; kudos to the entire team keep up the great work!

Matt Johnston | ON | 2017-06-12

They keep my Forte running with great service!! Its like walking in to a bunch of family!!

Courtney Thomas | ON | 2017-06-09

I had recently rented a vehicle and it was a Kia Optima. We really liked the comfort and ride.

The sales rep and the owner were very helpful and not at all pushy. We had no intention of purchasing a vehicle but the professionalism and helpfulness of the people at Uptown Kia made the decision fairly easy.

Martha Mitchell | ON | 2017-06-09

I was greeted immediately upon my arrival, handed over my keys, sat to wait for my vehicle and was made a cup of tea by the service personnel.

Very friendly staff, have dealt with some of them throughout the years.

I was only in for basic oil change and waited for my van. I wasn't promised a time only that it wouldn't be long. I was completely satisfied.

J-Robin Axten | ON | 2017-06-07

Very quick, professional, and easy.

Sarah-Jane Woods | ON | 2017-06-06

When finding out that I had surgery and was unable to drive, they went above and beyond to get my car in by sending a driver.

Dan went above and beyond with making sure that my car got to Uptown KIA, making sure it got the service it needed, and had someone return it to my house much cleaner than when it went in as well.

I did not pick up my vehicle, but it was delivered to me. I am very impressed with how my needs were accommodated.

I just would like to take the opportunity to thank Dan and his team of service people at Uptown KIA. Service was above and beyond, and for that I am truly grateful.

Paul Mathieu | ON | 2017-06-05

Thank you to the sales department for offering to rectify a misunderstanding with regards to the inclusions/exclusions in the sales price.

George Bigalow | ON | 2017-05-29

Clean, not too flashy but tidy and efficient looking. Sales people and office workers cleanly dressed but not "overdressed". A satisfying environment both for service and sales.

Vehicle in mint condition, all settings adjusted to "comfortable/easy", near perfect demonstration of features.

Gisele Bazinet | ON | 2017-05-29

Best Service Ever!

Joseph McCooeye | ON | 2017-05-28

Very friendly and helpful staff. Always seem to remember me personally and are genuine in their approach.

I had an issue with my car pulling to the right. They listened, looked at the car and then recommended some warranty work. Car drives much better now.

Danielle Lussier-Desrochers | ON | 2017-05-25

Well received at the service desk. A quick replacement for the backup camera, and everithing under warranty.

J-Sally Blacker | ON | 2017-05-22

We have always had good service from Kia Cornwall (Uptown Kia). We've been with them since they opened in Cornwall Ontario.


Genevieve Newton | ON | 2017-05-18

Due to tire seasons (winter), we had to wait spring time to get recalls done. When we finally agreed on a date (needed to be in the after-noon) for service, it was well done and quickly executed.

Breckyn Fowler | ON | 2017-05-16

The staff at this dealership have been extremely helpful while diagnosing a very odd transmission/sensor issue. I have greatly appreciated the attention to detail and ensuring that I am still able to get to meetings, etc on time while taking care of my vehicle. The waiting area has always been very comfortable and offers great wifi connectivity so I could still work while waiting for my vehicle.

I hope to have my current vehicle for a while longer, but the fantastic level of service I have received in the service department has convinced me to deal with the sales department when the time comes.

Colton McRae | ON | 2017-05-15

Parts department great to deal with.

Scott Dumoulin | ON | 2017-05-10

Clean and bright...was welcomed at the door by staff. Experience was great and we picked up the car with no issues.

Everything I needed to know was explained to me.

Alice Thibert | ON | 2017-05-09

Keep up the good work. The way they greet people with a smile.

Marissa Villeneuve | ON | 2017-05-09

The facility was clean, inviting and made me feel comfortable while I looked and discussed my vehicle. Every step of the process felt easy.

Nothing was not adequately explained. He made sure I left with no questions unanswered.

Gregory De Dekker | ON | 2017-05-08

All staff we dealt with were incredibly friendly and helpful. From the time I made contact with the sales consultant to the time of delivery, everything went quickly and any questions or concerns I had were answered almost immediately. Would definitely recommend Uptown KIA.

Serge Ethier | ON | 2017-05-08

All I can say is that I will always deal with Kia. My car was purchased at KIA new, and servicing has only been done at KIA, nowhere else. The services are always done promptly and correctly. If there are any changes other than the reason the vehicle was brought in, we are always contacted by the dealership with an explanation and to have a decision on the required extras. There are never any surprises, or unexpected work done. Your service team in my opinion is the best in the business.

Ashly Cooper | ON | 2017-05-05

Amazing experience. Felt like family when dealing with the staff. Highly recommended!

Cassie Lascelle | ON | 2017-05-04

Excellent customer service and attention to my specific needs when choosing a car and financial options. Helped me get as close to my budget as they could even after adding remote start to the overall price.

Exceptionally well in providing information on every component and making sure I understood. Car was in excellent condition.


Julie Taylor | ON | 2017-05-03

Just wanted to let you know about the great guys in your Service Department. Today was a much better experience than the last time I was in. I hope these guys are around a long time. Thumbs up!

Heather Burney-Miller | ON | 2017-05-03

Love my little car!

John Tessier | ON | 2017-05-02

I loved the location, and the building was clean, and the staff friendly.

Raymond Giguere | ON | 2017-05-02

Very friendly and polite Sales Team.

Edith Crosby | ON | 2017-05-02

I was very satisfied with the service provided.

Marcel A. Delisle | ON | 2017-05-02

New Ownership really good compared to before!

Raymond Champagne | ON | 2017-04-26

Loved the new look, was brighter and the configuration of the service counters is more inviting when you walk in. Matt and Dan are very professional and friendly and super courteous all around great guys...Thanks KIA.

Daniel Hayward | ON | 2017-04-25

Went over a brake issue found during checkup accompanying winter tire removal. Explained part and labour charges to replace brake pads.

Deborah Stewart | ON | 2017-04-22

Cornwall, Uptown Kia Rocks

Amy Lynch | ON | 2017-04-21

Great staff and convenient location for regional areas, accommodated our family's needs and we will hopefully be customers in future again.

Jack Ray | ON | 2017-04-21

As always, very well satisfied.

Emily Dore | ON | 2017-04-21

Always feel important and treated like "family" when I walk through the doors. Always happy to do business with you guys!

Marcel Boudrias | ON | 2017-04-21

I had the interior of my car detailed yesterday. An excellent job was performed. Mathieu Bergeron was very gracious and helpful. I had a wonderful chat with the shuttle driver. 

Everyone so far that I met with at KIA were pleasant and courteous.

PS - I love my Sorento.

Debra Berniquer | ON | 2017-04-20

What ever question I asked it was answered. When I picked up my vehicle I forgot some functions but they gladly explained everything again.

Wanda Mason | ON | 2017-04-20

Excellent knowledge of the Forte 2017. Thank you! 

James Hughes | ON | 2017-04-19

Staff very polite and helpful. This is my second car purchased.

Lucien Desrosiers | ON | 2017-04-14

Very satisfied! Great service!

Crystal Wood | ON | 2017-04-13

I have always had outstanding service with this facility for my first purchase as well as my second purchase, as a customer of Kia Cornwall i always speak highly of Kia to friends and co workers. One EXTREMELY satisfied customer of Kia Cornwall, ON

Richard Bycroft | ON | 2017-04-12

It was all good!

Robert Taplay | ON | 2017-04-11

This is our 4th purchase of a new Kia car. Although the main reason for our going with Kia in the first place was the 5 / 5 warranty, we have become loyal customers for many reasons ... i.e. the reliability of the car itself, great service, the general feeling of trust, etc. Uptown Kia is by far the best dealership we have had dealings with in Hamilton, Ottawa, or Cornwall.

Congratulations to all and many thanks from both of us!

Cheryl & Bob Taplay

Richard Jesmer | ON | 2017-04-09

Friendly and courteous service and quickly done!

Larry Lalonde | ON | 2017-04-07

All in all great people that work there...

Patrick Lefebvre | ON | 2017-04-05

Everything was just great, and the Dealership was clean and neat!

Sophie Marion | ON | 2017-03-30

By far the best experience I have ever had in purchasing a car. They were very informative and upfront about pricing, costs, and trade in value of my car. All the details were thoroughly explained and there were no surprises or hidden fees that I was not expecting.

The did not try to upsell on a model upgrade as I did not need the features that came with it. They advised me that the Sorento I purchased met all my needs and wants and was a better price.

The delivery process was very smooth. Justin Cote took the time to re-explain everything as well as go over all the features again and answered all my wife's additional questions. He helped set up the first service appointment and intorduced us to the service workers. He did an amazing job!

I am very impressed at how they made it a pleasurable and memorable experience.

Bonny Tessier | ON | 2017-03-27

Friendly service, clean show room, the staff knows there stuff. I am very happy with the delivery process. I could not ask for better!

Amber Lee Brissard | ON | 2017-03-23

My wife and I both agreed that Uptown Kia deserves 100% on this survey, the reason being, not only did they find the best vehicle for the two of us, but it was the perfect vehicle for our family, which means more to me then anything else.

Also not only did we get the greatest customer service throughout the buy, but even now, after our purchase Uptown Kia is extremely interested in any questions we may have, also always asking us how we enjoy the new vehicle.

My wife and I feel so welcomed since our first purchase at Uptown Kia, and now with our second, even more now. It's nice to walk into a place and feel known and welcomed right away!!

Huge Thumbs Up to Chad and Miranda at Uptown Kia! Great customer service and great follow through from these people! They will continue to get our business!

Thank you for our new 2017 Kia Sorento!

Venessa Rodriguez | ON | 2017-03-20

It was an absolute pleasure dealing with Uptown Kia after having a horrible experience with Kia of Brockville. Steve, Miranda and Mike were great to deal with. They were very attentive and knowledgeable. They made van buying easy and enjoyable. I'm looking forward to driving from Ottawa to Cornwall to have my service done!

Melissa Tyrell | ON | 2017-03-17

Dealership is kept well organized and clean. Show room is inviting and the staff is extremely polite and welcoming. They make any visit there a happy one.

Nancy Tessier | ON | 2017-03-16

The day i called Kia to look at my vehicle, they wanted my vehicle that day BUT i recently had an accident and broke my right tibia/ fibula and could not drive for the next 3 months and that my husband was already gone to work with his own vehicle.

Kia did not even hesitate to offer coming to get my vehicle to have it brought back to the shop and service it. They were awesome at picking up and bringing my vehicle back that same day, repaired. My hats off to Kia of Cornwall (Uptown Kia) for going out of their way to help me out.

Kayla Di Giosia | ON | 2017-03-11

Very clean inside. The lot was well organized. Miranda had all of my paperwork ready for me, and was very organized and considerate of my time. Explained all of the details of the financing very clearly. Great dealership, good staff.

Jean Muakadi Kabantu | ON | 2017-03-03

Congratulations for what you are doing. The service was excellent.

Lise Gibeault | ON | 2017-02-23

The personnel there are fantastic; they go over and beyond!! You can tell that they are good and honest,working people that understands that everyone worries about money.

I love Kia;wished they would of been around for the last forty years because I would had bought all of our cars at KIA!!!!!!  Being in the public,for almost all my life also my husband(we truly feel strongly about a product,we are both like a walking advertisement for Kia!!!

Kerry Mitchell | ON | 2017-02-21

I love the comfortable,modern waiting area. Very nice casual & welcoming atmosphere. The staff are especially cordial.