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Text Product Kia Uptown 20 Mathieu, The Service Manager Gets Top Grades In My Book For Taking A Contentious Service Billing Issue,

Uptown KIA Ratings and Reviews


Below you will find customer reviews.   Click here to tell us what you think.

Dorothy Nadon | ON | 2020-11-05

Loved the service, was not pushed to buy anything. Lynn and staff were very kind. They made me feel comfortable. Rick, says he has only heard about good things. The right vehicle for me. Thank you.

Candace Latulippe | ON | 2020-10-30

Excellent staff! All members of the KIA team were friendly and welcoming.

Edward Allard | ON | 2020-10-30

Very satisfied with quality of vehicle and service.

France Taylor | ON | 2020-10-29


Always great service

Susan O'Connell | ON | 2020-10-29

The staff and Steve are so nice and upbeat. They are knowledgeable and fun to be around. Oh yes, and did I mention, they know a thing or two about cars.

Thanks KIA, job well done!

Patricia Stacey | ON | 2020-10-16

Good service friendly, very conscientious about sanitary conditions and social distancing. Love my Kia dealership.

Neil Hutt | ON | 2020-09-30

Always excellent service

Marcel Samson | ON | 2020-09-21

fast frienly service

Jules Poisson | ON | 2020-09-20

Qualité de construction Excellent rapport qualité-prix Silence, douceur et confort de roulement remarquables Elégance et sobriété des lignes Puissance du moteur V6 de 3,3 litres Tableau de bord superbe et fonctionnel Équipement presque complet (modèle EX), y compris un très beau et très grand toit panoramique Consommation très raisonnable (environ 8,5 litres aux 100 km sur l'autoroute... à 115 km/h!) Agrément de conduite Confort des sièges

Michel St Germain | ON | 2020-09-17

Great service, friendliness

Daniel Jeaurond | ON | 2020-09-17

Excellent quality service from sales and overall staff.

Michel Cadieux | ON | 2020-09-16

They do not rush you and try to make your buying experience pleasant

Michelle Small | ON | 2020-09-16

Because the service was amazing... I never felt bushed or set aside.. I had kids and they where very understanding Answered all my questions and if could not answer me right away they would get an answer for me

Chantal Eldridge | ON | 2020-09-14

Great service from the sales and finance people, clear explanation of costs, vehicle benefits, etc

Sylvie Depratto | ON | 2020-09-11

Great car

Pete Kinsey | ON | 2020-09-10

Friendly staff

Thomas Cooper | ON | 2020-09-09

It’s a very good riding vehicle

Charlotte Lajoie-Cooper | ON | 2020-09-09

Great customer service Miranda. Is outstanding she well exceeded our expectations and actually got us exactly what we wanted. Outstanding

Megan King | ON | 2020-09-08

Miranda Morin was the best sales associate that I have ever worked with. She came highly regarded and she was the primary reason that I contacted uptown Kia. She is quite professional and willing to go above and beyond to make purchasing a new vehicle hassle and stress free. I would work with her again in a heart beat and will be recommending uptown Kia and Miranda Morin.

None, from start to finish I worked with Miranda and she was honestly so knowledgeable and professional. I never felt pressured, but I did feel that I was in good hands.

Jean Martel | ON | 2020-09-08

The staff were very helpful, and went out of their way, to make sure we made the right choice.

Patrick Lefebvre | ON | 2020-09-07

Everyone there is just amazing and go out of there way to help

Troli Mario | ON | 2020-09-07

good service timely

Daniel Pelchat | ON | 2020-09-07

très bon service, rapidité et parle bcp avec nous qui donnent l<impression d<etre la meme famille

Elaine Ladouceur | ON | 2020-09-06

Kia in Cornwall has always been very kind helpful salespeople and service people

Shelley Duchesne | ON | 2020-09-06

Amazing service the minute you enter the building! I was recognized and greeted by Laura and was introduced to Rachel our Sales Associate. Quick and Prompt!

Karyne Julien | ON | 2020-09-05

Le vehicule a une conduite exceptionnelle et un confort absolu

Peter Horobec | ON | 2020-09-03

The Sales person Ilias Kritikos was very professional, courteous and welcoming each time we met with him to discuss the purchase of our Sorento and other issues surrounding the vehicle itself or warranty coverage's. The same comments apply to our Financial Services Miranda Morin. Both made us felt welcome and comfortable to shop pressures applied to buy!

Marvin Plumadore | ON | 2020-09-02

Always friendly and courteous

Sheldon Lalonde | ON | 2020-09-02

The staff were very friendly, understanding and compassionate. Taking the time to ensure a customer was proud of their Kia choice. Got 2 vehicles for myself and wife, received great service. 

The staff understood customer service and took the time to ensure that I was proud of my purchase and went leaps and bounds to ensure I was taken care of.

Peter Blotsky | ON | 2020-08-26

Great looking car , Great price

Diane Grannary | ON | 2020-08-25


Trevor Bougie | ON | 2020-08-25

Great quality vehicle with an exceptional warranty. The bonus was the customer service we received from our sales representative Justin Cote who stayed after closing to let us test drive a Kia and spent the time with us explaining our options through our 2 other meetings.

We feel that of all the dealerships Justin Cote’s professionalism and attention to detail was the best in Cornwall. The bonus for us was the customer service we received from our sales representative Justin Cote who stayed after closing to let us test drive a Kia and spent the time with us explaining our options through our 2 other meetings. He also found the type of vehicle we wanted at the price we requested.

Constantin Christopoulos | ON | 2020-08-24

Great service

Isabelle Brunet | ON | 2020-08-24

Staff was polite and wasn't pushy respected me and my sister and was excellent at answering our questions

Donald Besner | ON | 2020-08-22

Excellent service . Friendly, courteous staff. Could not be more satisfied with the experience

Laurier Delorme | ON | 2020-08-20

Very friendly staff

France Rioux | ON | 2020-08-20

Service, reliable car. Cornwall Kia , service exceptional. Staff very friendly
This is my 4th Kia and I will return

Anne Gravelle | ON | 2020-08-19

Everyone deserves an honest dealership. Steve and his staff are the best i have ever dealt with. They make you feel like family.

Richard Allard | ON | 2020-08-19

excelleny sales and service personnel.

Raymond Seguin | ON | 2020-08-17

Great service

Katherin Casey | ON | 2020-08-14

friendly staff, Soul is a great car

Diane Miller | ON | 2020-08-14

Good service and warranty.

David Height | ON | 2020-08-14

Great service

Marion Locke | ON | 2020-08-13

Love the Sportage. Anyone looking for an affordable SUV I would recommend. I enjoyed the experience. We had to get a new vehicle very quickly and everyone at uptown Kia did an exceptional job. Everything was done perfectly

Penny Benoit | ON | 2020-08-10

Awesome people and service

Arthur Forget | ON | 2020-08-07

Good service

Brigitte Leduc | ON | 2020-08-06

Bon service

Alfred Gallant | ON | 2020-08-02

Features, price and warranty.

Patrick Desrosiers | ON | 2020-08-02

Lobe the brand, and love my Telluride!

Michael Scuffell | ON | 2020-08-01

Really like the Sorento and the service is great. The service desk people and professional and helpful and service on the car is always well done.

Colin Bold | ON | 2020-07-31


Robert Dunn | ON | 2020-07-30

Aim to please

Deborah Primeau | ON | 2020-07-29

Excellent service. Available and quick to be able to give me an appointment almost right away. Very competent!!

Stacey Monk | ON | 2020-07-29

Excellent service/good promotion. I visited four car dealerships and the Uptown Kia staff was far better than any other. The service at Uptown Kia is exceptional!

Mary Brisbois | ON | 2020-07-28

Very friendly and informative sales people

Shelley Taillon | ON | 2020-07-28

Very fast and print service always with a smile

Yvon Lemire | ON | 2020-07-27

Very good service

Jocelyn Lauzon | ON | 2020-07-27

The salesperson was honest to the point.

George Bigalow | ON | 2020-07-27

good value. consistently good service for years and even better at new location

James Richard Rutley | ON | 2020-07-26

Great people, great friendly service. From the mechanic to the sales person all the people that work at Uptown KIA make you want to come back. This is the first dealership that I can say great teamwork. Keep up the great work Thank You

Bruce Acker | ON | 2020-07-25

Excellent service and great vehicles.

Sandra Sinnett | ON | 2020-07-25

They were very friendly, informative and because of pandemic careful of our safety re cleaning etc.

Barbara Lehtiniemi | ON | 2020-07-24

Friendly staff, reliable service.

Katelyn Belo | ON | 2020-07-22

The sales associate was very nice and helpful!

Gisele Gray | ON | 2020-07-22

Good service

Robert Varley | ON | 2020-07-21

Everyone is very friendly and helpful

Oscar Mayer | ON | 2020-07-21

Customer service

Darleen Bulloch | ON | 2020-07-20

Friendly ,clean

Marcel Delisle | ON | 2020-07-20


Todd Marsolais | ON | 2020-07-20

Kia vehicles are great.

John Dewar | ON | 2020-07-17

Great service good people. Dont change a is great as is

Gerald Poll | ON | 2020-07-17

good service- great response-- staff are polite to us senior that means a lot

Elise Larouche | ON | 2020-07-16

So quick and easy and the workers will take time and find a way to make whatever you want possible

Raymond Lacroix | ON | 2020-07-15

Courteous, polite, and accommodating people. The waiting room is very comfortable.

Susan Bryenton | ON | 2020-07-15

The service is amazing. Top notch

Raymond Clusiau | ON | 2020-07-15


James Derochie | ON | 2020-07-14

Great service and friendly staff

Ashley Lapierre | ON | 2020-07-14

Friendly service, loaner vehicles to keep my business running smoothly

Joseph Morris | ON | 2020-07-10

Friendly atmosphere.

Jean-Marc Limontas | ON | 2020-07-10

Great service and support

Morton Martin | ON | 2020-07-09

People there make you feel like your special always say good morning how are you and helps you right away.

Giuseppina Myers | ON | 2020-07-08

Great style options and price

Joan Adams | ON | 2020-07-07

It was an overall very good experience especially considering Covid 19. I was sorry our original salesperson was off the day of delivery but the woman who went through the setup was very nice and helpful and made sure to let me know that if there was anything I wasn't sure of just give them a call and they would be glad to help. Lynn my actual salesperson followed up with a call to ask if everything was going well and to reiterate the point that if anything came up just call or drop by.

Overall I was extremely pleased with the whole process. The main features I needed to know were well explained and the rest were in the manuals.

Sheila Lafrance | ON | 2020-07-06

staff was very friendly and helpful. I felt good about purchasing my vehicle, no buyer's remorse. Everything was fine

Burns Major | ON | 2020-07-04

Good service

Alan Crossthwaite | ON | 2020-07-03

Second Kia purchase, sales service was professional and welcoming. Process was not stressful. I wass very happy with the overall process. They kept it stress free and a pleasent experience. Never felt unduly pressured and was informed of everything along the way.

Douglas Wilson | ON | 2020-07-02

Excellent service and extremely accommodating

Corey Valade | ON | 2020-06-30

Like the car and all its features

Michael Arsenault | ON | 2020-06-30

We have always always had good service with our dealership.

Beverley Montgomery | ON | 2020-06-30

Everyone was very pleasant and easy to talk with. No pressure to buy and showed me lots of cars.

Michael Asselstine | ON | 2020-06-29

Great product, warranty. Always have the best sales, service and management support staff. Have had nothing but above expectation service at this KIA dealership since purchase of first KIA in 2011. Much appreciated.

Sandra St Germain | ON | 2020-06-26

I was very satisfied with all the help I was given by everyone in purchasing my new vehicle. I really enjoy it. Thanks to everyone

Jacques Trottier | ON | 2020-06-25

Great service. Outstanding service counter help.

Claude Campeau | ON | 2020-06-24

Good service

Linda St Jean | ON | 2020-06-24

There’s absolutely nothing I can complain about.

Faron Sunday | ON | 2020-06-23

Uptown Kia went above and beyond great service to make sure I had my car back quickly. I brought it in and within a small time frame it was done. Great job!!! Very helpful staff

Real Lefebvre | ON | 2020-06-23

Good on all counts

Beverley Richmire | ON | 2020-06-23

I had my Kia Soul in this morning for an oil change and tune up. The staff are always courteous but I was concerned about going and waiting while my car was serviced. I was very impressed and pleased with their set up for social distancing while the customer waits for the services to be completed. Also the care they took in sanitizing the door, steering wheel etc both before and after they did the tuneup was thorough and went a long way to putting my mind at ease. Big thumbs up to Uptown Kia.

Elizabeth Reid | ON | 2020-06-22

Great experience

Mikayla Herrington | ON | 2020-06-20

Great and friendly staff

Daniel Hayward | ON | 2020-06-18

Good service, very responsive

Precious Boots | ON | 2020-06-17

Excellent customer service, willing to help me with any issues I had with my vehicle.

Elexis Sutton | ON | 2020-06-16

The service was great! Everyone was so polite, I definitely would recommend people to go to UpTown KIA!

John Poirier | ON | 2020-06-16

Great experience

Maureen Britton | ON | 2020-06-14

Great customer service!

Miriam Lalonde | ON | 2020-06-12

Professionalism. Very satisfied.

Van Corput Mona | ON | 2020-06-12

Very good service

Elizabeth McGrimmon | ON | 2020-06-09

excellent deal

Michael Aston | ON | 2020-06-09

Excellent service team. Very friendly people.

Alison Sutherland | ON | 2020-06-08

I have always been impressed with the service department, especially Dan Ford and Mat Bergeron. I've known them for years and feel they have my best interest at heart.

Charles Lamarche | ON | 2020-06-08

La qualité du produit et l’accueil du vendeur.

Steven Smith | ON | 2020-06-08

Great vehicles. We are on our third

Chantal Crowl | ON | 2020-06-07

Excellent service! Thank you Rachel

Barbara Terry | ON | 2020-06-04

There was no charge for service as I leased a new vehicle. I was talking to a salesman while my vehicle was being serviced and decide to trade to a newer vehicle.

Hendrik Van De Glind | ON | 2020-06-03

All features were thoroughly explained to me, and was very much appreciated.

Peter Eichler | ON | 2020-06-03

Steve did a super duper job, this man is a client oriented gentleman

Pierre Gregoire | ON | 2020-06-03

Great service

Jessica Ferguson | ON | 2020-06-01

We definitely received the best customer service on purchasing our first kia and would definitely recommend the dealership to friends and family!

Lucien Cuerrier | ON | 2020-06-01

Je suis satisfait

Susan McGillis | ON | 2020-05-31

Excellent work and courteousy of staff.

Jeffrey Paquette | ON | 2020-05-29

Excellent customer service from all staff.

Leah Lamesse | ON | 2020-05-29

Very friendly and personal people.

Kelsey Schmitz | ON | 2020-05-28

I always get the best service and support

Janice Jasmin | ON | 2020-05-27

Courteous, competent service. Staff very attentive and caring.

Andre Mondoux | ON | 2020-05-26

Friendly service, and due to COVID-19, they are professional, clean and respectable.

Brian Lafleur | ON | 2020-05-22

Staff very pleasant and speedy service. Very clean and taking great care during the epidemic.

Deborah Campbell | ON | 2020-05-22

Great service and pricing.

Christopher Van Beilen | ON | 2020-05-21

The vehicle, so far, has been everything i expected

Robert Graham | ON | 2020-05-21

Exceptional service..courteous staff..very accommodating!

Norah Grant | ON | 2020-05-18

Friendly, pleasant atmosphere

Serge Ethier | ON | 2020-05-18

Awesome service. Awesome as usual. I will not go to any other dealership for maintenance.

Tara Dumers | ON | 2020-05-15

I want to give a big shout out to Kia Cornwall with everything that is going on with covid-19, everyone is doing there part in making sure employees and customers are safe, they are going above and beyond to ensure this,

Janet Manuell | ON | 2020-05-15

I like the Kia cars that I have had. The prices are good, the service is very good.

Ronald Brown | ON | 2020-05-14

very good service

Yvon Beauregard | ON | 2020-05-14

they pay attention to clients needs and act accordingly. very happy

Gail Armstrong | ON | 2020-05-13

I was just having summer tires put on the new car but I was very happy with the service and esp. the process for cleaning when we changed drivers both times during this covid emergency. So far have been fhappy with purchasing, pickup and service to date. Thanks to all.

John Dewar | ON | 2020-05-13

Great people, great service. Great team

Jeannine Baker | ON | 2020-05-12

Great experience

Jacqueline Baird | ON | 2020-05-12

Exceptional Customer Service and #1 customer experience of any service provider i deal with. impressive leaders.

Barbara Kinnear | ON | 2020-05-11

Reliable and friendly service

Lyne Sauve | ON | 2020-05-11

Amazing service everytime!!

Patricia Stacey | ON | 2020-05-09

Friendly caring service

Rosanne Hetu | ON | 2020-05-09

very satisfied

Richard Gervais | ON | 2020-05-07

Great service and friendly staff

Danielle Roy Gervais | ON | 2020-05-07

Great service and friendly staff

Rejean Campeau | ON | 2020-05-07

Good safety precautions during this time

Chantal Crowl | ON | 2020-05-07

Excellent service

Anthony Stewart | ON | 2020-05-06

They earned it!

Jennifer Marsolais | ON | 2020-05-06

They remembered that my husband works at the hospital and acknowledged how hard he must be working right now

William Parisien | ON | 2020-05-06

On time Friendly atmosphere Nice new dealership Looked after my issues

Lise Lavallee-Quan | ON | 2020-05-05

Due to COVID 19, the details of the vehicle functions were not explained to the usual standard that KIA provides, however Lynn Fournier was more than inviting for us to call him for any questions that we may have as we learn to use the new functions. I believe all the services that was provided to us during this transaction was extremely satisfactory even though social distancing was predominantly on everyone's mind. Thank you

Jeanine Parent Lalonde | ON | 2020-05-05

Accueil et service extraordinaire!

Alan Crossthwaite | ON | 2020-05-04

Great service each and every time

Robert Varley | ON | 2020-05-03

Very friendly, prompt service

Joseph Scott | ON | 2020-05-01

great service

Patrick Lefebvre | ON | 2020-04-30

The great service and friendly staff

Suzanne Baker | ON | 2020-04-27

Customer service was great.

Jeannine Acheson | ON | 2020-04-24


Eugenie Boyer | ON | 2020-04-23

The service department's way of handling various situations. They usually answer all the questions I may have.

Kellie Green | ON | 2020-04-23

good service

Alayna Filion | ON | 2020-04-22

Employees are very professional ! Great customer service

Kandie Williams | ON | 2020-04-22

I have always received good service.

Real Lefebvre | ON | 2020-04-22

Frendly / relaxing

Melanie Bergeron | ON | 2020-04-21

Amazing service

Nancy Bahen | ON | 2020-04-17

I find everyone there to be very friendly and helpful. At this time with covid-19 every precaution was taken to keep things sanitized.

Alain Dugas | ON | 2020-04-17

Had the opportunity to meet the owner and all the managers, all were available to answer any questions. They were well organized and very helpful. It was appreciated by me and they were complimentary to the sale team.

Fred Regan | ON | 2020-04-17

The staff and manager are so polite and personable, helpful.

David Amyotte | ON | 2020-04-16

Enjoy the people and service is good

Shelley Taillon | ON | 2020-04-16

Wonderful service and very friendly staff

Louise Filion | ON | 2020-04-14

Friendly staff and great service. Was awesome service as always.

Timothy Compeau | ON | 2020-04-14

The rondo I own has been one of the best cars I have ever owned

Barbara Lehtiniemi | ON | 2020-04-11

Friendly, efficient service.

Anne Gravelle | ON | 2020-04-09

They make us feel like royalty. It's like they rolled out the red carpet. Steve and his staff take great care of us. Whether it's a simple question or something minor to fix. They've never let us down, in fact they never cease to amaze us. Best dealership we have ever dealt with.

Carl Campbell | ON | 2020-04-09

Excellent service!

John Novak | ON | 2020-04-08

exxelent service

Constantin Christopoulos | ON | 2020-04-08

Always outstanding service at Uptown Kia.

Troy Murray | ON | 2020-04-07

Great, friendly service.

Jocelyne Deschambault | ON | 2020-04-07

Great service, pleasant staff

Bonny Tessier | ON | 2020-04-06

Great service

Susan Bryenton | ON | 2020-04-06

The service is excellent. Very friendly and helpful staff.

Amy Lynn Graham-Dillabough | ON | 2020-04-05

Timing is just tough right now due to the pandemic situation. Rachael and Steve were great to take care of me and make this an easy experience. There are things I did not realize about the new vehicle/purchase that I am not 100% happy or sure about and would like to maybe further discuss/clarify at some point. A lot of it was mainly just a lack of timing (pandemic, my work schedule etc), and failure on my part to ask for full details/explanation/completely look over paper work-vehicle features etc. I have been a member of the Kia family for over 4 years now and have been happy with all aspects of this dealership.

Rhonda Greenfeld | ON | 2020-04-04

Great service

John Lindsay | ON | 2020-04-02

I am always acknowledged when entering with good morning Jack and how are you today.

Lise Fortier | ON | 2020-04-01

Service impeccable

Gordon Clendinneng | ON | 2020-04-01

very friendly employes

Alan Reynolds | ON | 2020-03-31

Service, service, service

Courtney Skidders | ON | 2020-03-31

Overall experience was awesome. Very friendly environment. Salesman was attentive and really showed me how to navigate through the vehicle

Derek Harvey | ON | 2020-03-31

Fast, courteous, knowledgeable people

Trevor Smith | ON | 2020-03-31

Always great service at Uptown Kia

Anne Marie Lalonde | ON | 2020-03-30

VSale man was great as so was Miranda the finance

Manuel Melo | ON | 2020-03-28

All was satisfied to me- good service and on time

Catherine Croney | ON | 2020-03-26

The best customer service around as well as the best vehicle I’ve owned!

Deborah Reynolds | ON | 2020-03-26

They were prompt at getting my issues dealt with. They were patient and polite.

Daniel Beaulieu | ON | 2020-03-24

Excellent service and willingness to help and work with you. 

Pete Kinsey | ON | 2020-03-22

great service

Raymond Champagne | ON | 2020-03-21

Great staff and service

Ronald Matte | ON | 2020-03-20

Good car, no problem, driving excellent

Suzanne Martin | ON | 2020-03-18

Superior service

Sybille Seidel | ON | 2020-03-17

love the service staff

Raymond Champagne | ON | 2020-03-16

Great Service

Caroline Lafrance | ON | 2020-03-16

I was very happy with the service

Roseanne Bradford | ON | 2020-03-15

Service was quick and friendly

Lise Stanley | ON | 2020-03-13

The customer experience was positive

Moira Ross | ON | 2020-03-13

My concerns were handled professionally and courteously

Micalo Butler | ON | 2020-03-13

Service is outstanding and the vehicle is going good too.

Marie-Noelle Longtin-Scott | ON | 2020-03-10

Great customer service!

Janet Lagrove | ON | 2020-03-10

Handles nice. Good gas mileage. Maintain speed.

Denise Hurtubise | ON | 2020-03-07

Excellent service

Joseph Morris | ON | 2020-03-05

Good service

Andrew Bogora | ON | 2020-03-04

Very competent staff, matched by good product and warranty

Irene Ward | ON | 2020-03-03

Staff provides excellent service

Ian Pollock | ON | 2020-03-03

Wonderful friendly and knowledgeable staff.

Patricia Carpenter | ON | 2020-03-03

What I needed was done and they did not push product (extras) like other dealers have done in the past

Joseph Demers | ON | 2020-03-03

Good service

Ginette Lefave | ON | 2020-03-03

Excellent service

Marie Tessier | ON | 2020-03-02

price, quality, gas consumption dealer service reputation of product dependability

Robert Varley | ON | 2020-03-02

Dealership as a whole

Andre Mondoux | ON | 2020-02-29

Friendly service

Rosanne Hetu | ON | 2020-02-25

Excellent. Service

Jeannine Acheson | ON | 2020-02-21

good little car

Norman Schaak | ON | 2020-02-21

I have been fully satisfied with both Kia's sales and service experiences.

Brett Mattice | ON | 2020-02-21

They helped me a lot

Parise Roy | ON | 2020-02-19

Good service

Jared Sauve | ON | 2020-02-18

Great customer service

Monique Branchaud | ON | 2020-02-18

Excellent service. Was able to take me right away. Had the part I needed in stock.

Nick Gray | ON | 2020-02-18

Great service

Storm Adams | ON | 2020-02-14

Great service. Very very helpful

Gisele Beaulieu | ON | 2020-02-13

Bon service. Cette voiture convient parfaitement à mes besoins.

Valerie Tinkess | ON | 2020-02-11

I love my kia soul

Matraca Villeneuve | ON | 2020-02-09

Friendly and comfortable atmosphere

Marie-France Tremblay | ON | 2020-02-06

I have 3 Kia and they are reliable and price is good

Larry Mott | ON | 2020-02-06

Very Friendly staff

Gilles Lapointe | ON | 2020-02-03

Satisfied with service, car runs smooth with no problems, third Kia and satisfied with all three.

Manon Gazaille | ON | 2020-02-03


Glen Priddle | ON | 2020-02-02

Driving 2010 soul close to 500.000 thousand km very little problems

Laurie McIntosh | ON | 2020-01-31

Great service, great vehicle

Andre Hurtubise | ON | 2020-01-30

Great service and great experience staff! Congratulation to all!

Gail Armstrong | ON | 2020-01-30

I found the salesmen Lynn Fournier, and Justin to be very helpful. I felt they both listened to my needs and requirements in a vehicle re. my leg, reliability, storage etc and were able to make excellent recommendations to help me in deciding which vehicle to buy. I was also impressed by the lack of sales pressure and the fact that the negotiations went very honestly and I was left with the feeling that the deal was fair on both sides. We test drove the car and so far I am loving my Kia Soul!

Darleen Bulloch | ON | 2020-01-28

Friendly staff.Wonderful service

Amanda Mayer | ON | 2020-01-27


James Walker | ON | 2020-01-22

The customer service is excellent

Marie Tessier | ON | 2020-01-21

dependability of car , service and welcoming personell

Suzanne Baker | ON | 2020-01-21

Great service, pleasant to deal with.

Krista Kennedy | ON | 2020-01-21

Pleasant and helpful staff, beautiful facility and overall positive experience.

Susan McGillis | ON | 2020-01-21

Professional service desk workers.

Jason MacKell | ON | 2020-01-20

Honesty, went out of their way to gain my business!!

Patricia Stacey | ON | 2020-01-17

Friendly knowledgeable staff.

Eric Millward | ON | 2020-01-10

Always friendly service

France Rioux | ON | 2020-01-08

Services personal is amazing

Ginette Lefave | ON | 2019-12-31

They kept me up to date on what was being done. Also reminded me that some of the work was under warranty.

Joanne Fraser | ON | 2019-12-27

Genuine service and lovely facility.

Peter McCauley | ON | 2019-12-26

Only waited about 1/2 hour for work to be finished

Linda Cousineau | ON | 2019-12-24

Amber was helpful, knowledgeable, and genuinely listened to our needs.

Eric Joeseph Quinn | ON | 2019-12-23

For the friendly service staff and their quick understanding about specific issues

Peter Inouye | ON | 2019-12-19

Good service and great vehicle

Lucille Jacobs | ON | 2019-12-18

The quick repairs done on my vehicle.

Maria Whitehead | ON | 2019-12-18

Friendly staff, excellent service and great warranties.

Faron Sunday | ON | 2019-12-18

Service at uptown is fantastic and I loved my first Optima so much.

Janet Fowler | ON | 2019-12-18

Excellent service. Impressive new building!!

Harold Cote | ON | 2019-12-17

love my optima

Matraca Villeneuve | ON | 2019-12-16

Friendly atmosphere, no pressure and great deals.

Donald Besner | ON | 2019-12-13

exellent care & service

Sybille Seidel | ON | 2019-12-12

The Friendliness of the staff and of course my Sportage

Edwina MacSween | ON | 2019-12-11

everyone was friendly at my visit.

Richard Brunet | ON | 2019-12-11

Très gentil et attentif

Daniel Hayward | ON | 2019-12-06

Quick service at a busy time of year; very attentive in identifying other issues with the vehicle

Michel St Germain | ON | 2019-12-06

Very perfectional people and well taken care of.

Charles Johnsen | ON | 2019-12-05

good service

Serge Brazeau | ON | 2019-12-04

Friendly and relax atmosphere

Ronald Brown | ON | 2019-12-04

Love the 2 Kia Souls, that I’ve had the pleasure of driving !!!

Franziska Vander Byl | ON | 2019-12-03

Fast, friendly service

Mary Lavigne | ON | 2019-12-02

This is my 4 purchase of a brand new Kia. I love the dependability of my vehicle

Vycky-Lee McGinn | ON | 2019-12-02

Good service good prices 10

Anne Gravelle | ON | 2019-12-02

Staff are very professional. Customer satisfaction is their #1 priority.

Troy Murray | ON | 2019-12-02

Great, friendly, professional service.

Joseph Scott | ON | 2019-11-29

Staff especially Dan Ford who was amazing

Joseph McCooeye | ON | 2019-11-29

Great vehicles Friendly people

Cheryl Marshall | ON | 2019-11-29

Great service

Crystal Gayle Wood | ON | 2019-11-28

Outstanding service

Barbara Terry | ON | 2019-11-28

Good service in general.

Lise Fortier | ON | 2019-11-28

Personnel avec des connaissances exceptionnelles. Salle d'attente très propre. Service impeccable.

Lorraine Lavigne | ON | 2019-11-27

I went in for an oil change and was talking to Rachel Rousey and ended up with going back the next day to complete a test drive

Linda Murphy | ON | 2019-11-27

Workers were very helpful and polite. Will help me with any little thing concerning the car

Bonny Tessier | ON | 2019-11-26

Im happy with the service I received

Katherin Casey | ON | 2019-11-26

excellent staff

Beverly Ault | ON | 2019-11-26

The service was on time and everyone was friendly.

Brigitte Pulice | ON | 2019-11-26

appointment on time, on budget and great job!

Julie Dryden | ON | 2019-11-25

good service and polite

Jennifer Staver | ON | 2019-11-25

Great customer service and great cars

Lily Worrall | ON | 2019-11-25

The car is high, comfortable, and not run entirely on screens. I like using a knob to turn on the radio. I like that the heater has "real" controls. Passengers rave about the "room".

Henry Holden | ON | 2019-11-25

Good service

David Holford | ON | 2019-11-25

Excellent service, friendly and comfortable environment. Prompt attention when checking in and out.

Henry Phillips | ON | 2019-11-22

good service

Lynda Perkins | ON | 2019-11-19

Absolutely because they were great they answered all of my concerns and were polite, efficient.

Derek Harvey | ON | 2019-11-19

Friendly, knowledgeable staff

Audrey MacQueen | ON | 2019-11-19

Good service

Maureen Britton | ON | 2019-11-18

Very good customer service that is given.

Laurie McIntosh | ON | 2019-11-18

Good service

John Lindsay | ON | 2019-11-16

Service and friendly staff. 

Mary Lazore | ON | 2019-11-16

Good service everytime. 

Raymond Champagne | ON | 2019-11-15

Good service.

Suzanne Baker | ON | 2019-11-14

Great service and honesty. My vehicle was perfect.

Lise Ayotte | ON | 2019-11-14

Very satisfied with the vehicle

Patricia Sisty | ON | 2019-11-12

Good service, pleasant and competent people.

Luc Caron | ON | 2019-11-12

Bon service bonne voiture

Kellie Green | ON | 2019-11-11

good prompt service

Michael Kearns | ON | 2019-11-09

Friendly. Nice people.

Andre Leger | ON | 2019-11-08

Very accomodating. Very helpfull

Michael Aston | ON | 2019-11-07

Top notch!

Carey Hamel | ON | 2019-11-06

They have always been helpful and don't sugar coat anything. Most places because I'm a woman will try and take advantage of me because I'm a woman. But I never feel that way when I'm going there. They always are willing to help and make sure that I get the best service that they can give.

Darleen Bulloch | ON | 2019-11-05

So far excellent service

Brian Lafleur | ON | 2019-11-05

Everything went according to the time plan explained.

Virginia Di Pierro | ON | 2019-11-02

Everything has been great. Dealer is very caring and ready to answer any questions or concerns.

Manuel Melo | ON | 2019-11-01

all was fine - went well -no problems

James O'Byrne | ON | 2019-11-01

Quick, friendly efficient service. Great setup can't wait for new building. 

Caroline Sauve | ON | 2019-10-31

Scheduled an appointment over the Internet

Harold MacDonald | ON | 2019-10-27

I was greeted with pleasant acknowledgement. The service staff are professional and friendly. It only took minutes to get process completed. Very efficient. My service consultant has known me for at least five years. He is very familial with my vehicle. He ensures that I get a ride back home. He is excellent at explaining the work that is required. I do not have a great understanding of my vehicle therefore patience is required from consultant. I was given a time the work would be completed. Work was completed on time.

Kelsey Schmitz | ON | 2019-10-24

I'm much more likely to use the dealerships service facility because of how great their team is. Thanks again Dan and Corey!

Frederick Regan | ON | 2019-10-24

Even though they are anticipating a move to another location very soon everything is geared to making the customer's experience a happy one. Salesperson was very respectful of our concerns and did not pressure us in any way.

Patricia Carpenter | ON | 2019-10-23

Positive experience... part of repair under warranty and other oil change

Ziff Sicotte | ON | 2019-10-22

I enjoyed my experience. Would recommend

Roger Cote | ON | 2019-10-22

good and friendly service. 

James Derochie | ON | 2019-10-21

overall great service

Michael Asselstine | ON | 2019-10-18

Keep up the great service!

Martin Persky | ON | 2019-10-13

Everything was excellent

Michael Arsenault | ON | 2019-10-11

Once again very friendly staff.

Odette Clavet | ON | 2019-10-08

Tres bien comme endroit , gens polis(e) et courtois ; nous mon épouse et moi somment tres satisfaits , que de bons mots.

Heather Groulx | ON | 2019-10-08

Rachel was wonderful....great asset to your team..

Rodney Leduc | ON | 2019-10-07

From the first time I walked in to look at purchasing a vehicle was treated like family and didn't get the feeling I was being pressured into any kind of a decision which made my deciding on a vehicle easier didn't feel like I was being taken advantage of would recommend uptown Kia to anyone

Gilles Lafrance | ON | 2019-10-05

Good service

Kayla Di Giosia | ON | 2019-10-04

Dealership is undergoing renovations but the staff went out of their way to accommodate. Overall great experience. No sales pressure and the whole staff was pleasant and congratulated me on my new car. Illias explained everything and even helped download/setup the UVO app with me. 

Jo-Anie McCullough | ON | 2019-10-04

I dealt with Marc Bray at uptown Kia and had a great experience!

Andrew Bogora | ON | 2019-09-26

When I left the dealership with my new Sorento, the driver's seat felt a bit different (I test drove an identical vehicle before taking delivery of my new Kia). After driving a little over 1,000 km I returned to the dealership to buy a bug deflector and mentioned to the staff my continuing discomfort with the driver's seat. The fixed operations manager, parts manager, and service writer all took a look at the situation and mentioned that on occasion, a seat's stitching can vary somewhat. When I came back to pick up my Sorento at the end of the day with the new bug deflector installed, the service team informed me that they had installed a brand new seat from an identical vehicle in inventory. What a difference!!! The new seat feels so much better. Thanks Uptown Kia for a truly exceptional experience. I will definitely be recommending you to my friends and relatives :)

Jeanine Parent Lalonde | ON | 2019-09-20

La plus belle expérience à vie! Depuis 60ans nous avons acheté au moins 30 voitures chez différents concessionnaires. Uptown Kia est incomparable. Confiance et sécurité!

John Lindsay | ON | 2019-09-19

Keep up the great service that you always provide.

Franziska Vander Byl | ON | 2019-09-18

Was able to book an appointment on very short notice and on a day that was convenient for me. Had a very short wait at the dealership until service was done. Very friendly staff. Very friendly, knowledgeable and efficient.

Jennifer Harper | ON | 2019-09-16

I'm always happy with the service. The personnel knows me and my car. I'm always greeted by name and always get the service booked at a time that is convenient for me.

Lorie Schwerdtfeger | ON | 2019-09-13

Clean and welcoming, I felt very comfortable in the surroundings. Everything went smoothly, and as expected. 

Cheryl Marshall | ON | 2019-09-12

Everyone was friendly and helpful.

Lyle Ross | ON | 2019-09-12

When I entered Uptown Kia for the first time, I was feeling nervous and intimidated. I was quickly made to feel at home by everyone.

Bernard Bougie | ON | 2019-09-10

Marc was very informative and made us feel welcomed without any pressure. We appreciated the courtesy deal which Kia provided us with. The van was in pristine condition. Even the tires shined. Excellent! Marc was very thorough of his explanations.

Florence Watson | ON | 2019-09-09

They did a great job of picking up the vehicle and returning it after all the work that needed to be done.

Tina Coughler | ON | 2019-09-06

When I picked up my car I had an issue with it and had to pull over in a parking lot. I called Kia and they came right to me right away even though they were closing. They also drive my car back for and gave me and my son and lift back to the dealership. They fixed the issue right away. Amazing staff and went far out and beyond. I will stay this dealership for several years and buy all my car's there. Such an amazing staff. Corey in Service was the one person but unfortunately forgot the other Man's name.

Peter McCauley | ON | 2019-09-05

Done on time

Janice Jasmin | ON | 2019-09-04

Always attentive courteous smiling

Jacqueline Baird | ON | 2019-09-03

Scheduled an appointment over the Internet. Customer Experience with Uptown Kia is exceptional. Exceptional service! The service is what continues to make me return.

Lyle Smith | ON | 2019-08-31

Overall everything went well and would let my friends and family know that this dealership and service is very good. Thanks LyleSmith

Jocelyne Deschambault | ON | 2019-08-24

Great service

Michael Scuffell | ON | 2019-08-22

Brakes needed to be changed and staff were very forthcoming about the shape of the old ones. Dan was very knowledgeable about our car and what was needed. Kindness and humour are great assets. Always receive good service from this dealership. We still use the Kia service centre because of the dependable service. The trust we have in Dan Ford.

Jennifer Staver | ON | 2019-08-22

Friendly, knowledgeable and kept me in the loop of what was happening with my car. Clean, nice waiting area. Easy to get in and out of.

Dana Jackson | ON | 2019-08-18

Always very helpful, excellent customer service

Nancy Bahen | ON | 2019-08-18

My previous car was a Kia and I was happy with it. The salesman did show me other models because I asked to see the Rio because that was what I was driving and liked so only wanted to see that model.

Jeffrey Ward | ON | 2019-08-16

the service centre went beyond the call for me, was great.

Stephanie Durocher | ON | 2019-08-15

I bought my 2014 kia forte in 2014 I never thought I would go back but finding my way back in 2019, I was shocked with how much organized and polite friendly the environment is. I was pleased with everyone I spoke to right for the time I got greeted at the door each visit. Overall I am extremely pleased! Thanks :)

Laurie McIntosh | ON | 2019-08-14

Very happy with my purchase

Andre Mondoux | ON | 2019-08-14

Everything went smoothly and with no hassle. I was happy to know the repair required for my car was covered under the warranty.

Stephanie Page | ON | 2019-08-13

I’ve never had anything but excellent service at this location. I wouldn’t recommend anywhere else for someone to bring in their KIA! This is the place for KIA service!!

Gary Shepherd | ON | 2019-08-08

Took my car in right away for diagnosis, had some recalls done, The work was finished in less than an hour and a half. Very efficient. proffessional, friendly, efficient

Michel Seguin | ON | 2019-08-07

Always bought used cars. This is my first new car with a warranty. Kia makes it easy to make an appointment and always explain what happens with every 6 month check up. Love my Kia!

Peter Inouye | ON | 2019-08-02

Enjoy the vehicle, and people at the facility are very pleasant

Peter Eichler | ON | 2019-08-01

Friendly, clean

Dean Ezard | ON | 2019-07-31

Very helpful with my gas card.

Timothy Bardo | ON | 2019-07-29

keep me apprised of how much longer, offered coffee and snacks, talked about new kia products. It was a Saturday, last one in for the day, did not rush the job or me to get out on time. Clean, quiet, inviting.

Ronnie Dingwall | ON | 2019-07-27

Rachel and Justin really showed interest and really work hard to please us and to provide what we wanted I was impressed. 

Jean-Francois Dube | ON | 2019-07-26

The people working in the service department are very exceptional

Edward Allard | ON | 2019-07-25

They were ready for me, knew what was required and it all went well.They pointed out some minor issues that were covered under my protection package and pre-arranged approval to have the work done at no cost to me

Devon Bough | ON | 2019-07-24

Everything was great from showing up to browse and leaving with my new vehicle. Justin and the whole team at uptown Kia was amazing.

Diane Gates | ON | 2019-07-23

Well I can say a Kia when they say they take care of their customers they do take care of their customers they are fantastic they're great people now I know I'm the part I'm the part of the family me Diane Gates and hectorgates cuz we bought her a Kia from Ikea here in Cornwall Ontario they're very friendly to the people and they treat them with wealth respect that's why we liked about the key at the first time I went there back in the winter time that's why I came back and bought a Kia from the and I don't regret it by buying this vehicle I was a Chevy guy now I'm a Kia so I don't have too much else to say but thank you very much I Kia I do iJoy doing business with you in the near future will still do business thank you you guys are the greatest and I would recommend anybody to buy a Kia car from use people Yours Truly Diane Gates hectorgates thank you again

Crystal Wood | ON | 2019-07-22

Friendly knowledgeable staff, facility is always clean, staff has always taken care of my needs quickly and efficiently.

Allison Abraham | ON | 2019-07-22

None! I knew the features and the car was delivered to my house. best service

Louise Filion | ON | 2019-07-22

Everything was great as always.

Debbie McIntyre | ON | 2019-07-16

Very accommodating

Gregory De Dekker | ON | 2019-07-15

Scheduled an appointment over the Internet

Lori Villeneuve | ON | 2019-07-15

Good as usual

Colin Bold | ON | 2019-07-12

It's always great to walk in to Kia and receive a great welcome by all.

Samantha Sabourin | ON | 2019-07-08

J'aimerais remercier encore Ilias et ses collègues pour le service reçu.

Joel Legault | ON | 2019-07-04

Good experience and once the dealer heard us speaking french, he switched and continued to serve us in french from that point on.

Lily Worrall | ON | 2019-07-02

The paperwork process was efficient. I felt confident in the salesperson. Being offered 'coffee or bottled water' was a plus. I'm satisfied with the price, was glad not to be pushed over undercoating etc. Getting the car within a few days was excellent.

Kevin McCartney | ON | 2019-07-01

Very accommodating

Aurelien Cote | ON | 2019-06-27

The staff and service department were great and answer all question

Heather Graham | ON | 2019-06-25

Scheduled an appointment over the Internet

David Nuckle | ON | 2019-06-25

Sales rep was extremely friendly and helpful

Douglas Girard | ON | 2019-06-19

Service personal helpfull. Everything was good. 

Janet Robinson | ON | 2019-06-12

It is quite evident that there is a great work atmosphere, while observing the interaction of staff and clients. I worked in the device industry for over 30 years and know the importance of that “10” rating. Keep
Up the good work

Serge Ethier | ON | 2019-06-10

The overall service at KIA is exceptional - I always recommend this facility to family and friends. Cars can be bought at any dealership - but it's the service that counts, and that will promote return service. Two thumbs up to KIA of Cornwall personnel.

Anick Lamarche | ON | 2019-06-08

J’ai fait la location en ligne et ce fut un processus clair et efficace. J’ai pas eu de confusion ou de gros moments d’attentes et j’ai senti que le vendeur travaillait avec moi.

Jennifer Harper | ON | 2019-06-05

Always able to get in when I need to, always greeted by service staff and served immediately. It's very nice to be greeted by name by all the staff in the dealership. Dealership is small and location is busy, so it's not always easy to get in and out of the lot. However, the facilities are clean and snacks and drinks are provided. Waiting area is usually adequate but on this particular day there were several extra customers getting service to their vehicles and extra chairs had to be fetched, which was done promptly. I love this dealership! I love Uptown Kia! Great staff!

Lisa Bailey | ON | 2019-06-05

Excellent experience.Great people all around. Very patient people

Wayne Lauzon | ON | 2019-06-05

Fist time buyer of a new vehicle. We dealt with both Mark Bray and Justin Cote, both were very approachable and professional. The vehicle did have a couple issues that we brought to their attention later in the day - No air conditioning and, a couple what appeared to be touch-ups. We were given a loaner vehicle while they worked on the air conditioning, the touch-ups we were told was glue left over from the plastic wrap.The van was ready as promised.

Kari Samson | ON | 2019-06-05

The whole team at uptown Kia are amazing they all go above and beyond to help you out. I would refinance recommend them to friends and family. There are too many features with the Telliride to go over everything. So they suggested to come back anytime with questions or concerns that come up when it actually happens. I think that is a much better way to do it. I don’t have time to sit for hours to go over everything. Kia is doing it right.

Bruce Acker | ON | 2019-06-03

They want to assist you,and know you by name.

Daniel Mayer | ON | 2019-05-30

Service was good. 

Joseph Scott | ON | 2019-05-30

service is excellent atmosphere friendly. staff are great. both Dan and Cory are always upbeat and positive when i visit the dealership . I feel it is a very happy workplace and it is reflected in the attitude of the staff in their relationship with the customers. I have not been disappointed in my experience at Uptown Kia . Staff is friendly and it is a fun place to be. The work is getting done but the staff is having fun while working, this is reflected in the positive attitudes when dealing with the customers.good efficient service

Faron Sunday | ON | 2019-05-29

I found the service department to match the other uptown Kia departments in excellent service as well as being courteous. I could not be happier. Thumbs up guys! I have been given top-notch service since my purchase. I could not be a happier customer. Thanks All. I was treat as a valued customer and appreciated all. Most satisfied. Very happy and would highly recommend. Great job people.!!!!!!!

Steven Lindsay | ON | 2019-05-24

Great overall service w/ value.

Ken Mark | ON | 2019-05-24

just had good experience at this dealership.....

Linda Duchesne | ON | 2019-05-23

Excellent dealership. Excellent service. Dan and Cory are personable and knowledgeable. Never have had a bad experience. The best.

Stephanie Page | ON | 2019-05-23

All my services needs for my Kia will be performed by Uptown Kia! I won't take my girl anywhere else! She deserves the best, and the best is at Uptown Kia!

John Dewar | ON | 2019-05-22

all good...don't change a thing !

Maurice Delorme | ON | 2019-05-22

Wonderful. Staff and great owner. Everything went exceptionally well. No glitches and again smooth. Couldn't be better. Fantastic experience.

Leighton Woods | ON | 2019-05-21

The service advisers are one of the main reasons I keep coming back, they know the vehicle, give an honest opinion of what is and isn't needed and are always fair.

On this particular occasion I had Dan Ford as my service adviser and he knows me by name, knows my vehicle and knows his way around with ease. It was raining this day and I asked for an umbrella so I could walk around and get some errands done with my 2 year old. Didn't want to bother the courtesy driver as I had multiple places I wanted to go. Instead of an umbrella he gave me his company issued vehicle to "use as I needed." He even went out in the rain and pulled it around closer to the door for me. Was not expecting that whatsoever, he didn't have to and even if it isn't a huge inconvenience for Kia that made my experience that much better.

Dana Jackson | ON | 2019-05-17

Always a pleasant experience!

Bonny Tessier | ON | 2019-05-16

Just keep up the great work

Madonna Churchill | ON | 2019-05-13

Great personnel

Catherine Francis | ON | 2019-05-13

Everything was good

Kilie Dewe | ON | 2019-05-13

Clean. Friendly staff. Quick response. Great service

Alan Crossthwaite | ON | 2019-05-13

i was greeted by name upon arrival, service was clearly explained and actions verified. Staff were polite friendly and easy to understand

John McLaren | ON | 2019-05-10

Just very happy with all, since the change of ownership.

Ross King | ON | 2019-05-08

Professional, courteous and upfront...

Maureen Britton | ON | 2019-05-07

Customer service provided was excellent and everything was explained in terms that I could understand. The time it took to complete my pick-up & billing was very reasonable. The whole experience was pretty much exactly the cost and time that I was quoted. Overall a very pleasurable experience.

Jeanine Parent Lalonde | ON | 2019-05-06

Merci beaucoup KIA

Christine Chartrand | ON | 2019-05-05

Rachel and Justin was very courteous and pleasant to deal with.

Christine Chartrand | ON | 2019-05-05

I live in Orleans and there is a KIA dealership 3 minutes from my house, but because of the exceptional service I have always received from Uptown KIA I will drive the hour and a half that it takes for me to get there. Customer service is worth the drive to Cornwall.

Gary Worsley | ON | 2019-05-02

Overall excellent dealership.

Robert Cuerrier | ON | 2019-04-30

We felt very welcome. Rachel has a great personality so it was a nice experience.

Thor Grant | ON | 2019-04-26

I was very happy with the service. They took extra time than what I was scheduled for, too look over my car when I asked them to check for a noise I heard while driving. The uptown Kia staff are exceptional

Yvon Beauregard | ON | 2019-04-24

Service done on time and professionaly. Appoinment scheduling was courteous and easy. Shuttle ride was friendly and informing. All around satisfied. Professional dealership, with quality people who care.

John Lindsay | ON | 2019-04-22

I am happy to be part of the Kia family, we have 1 Sorento and one Rio my daughter has a sportage.

Christopher Gallinger | ON | 2019-04-18

I truly like when I have service that I am recognized by the service manager. He after a very short period of time knows me and my car and how I like thins done. Well done.

I am a very proud owner of a 2018 Stinger GT. The sales rep (Amber Macmillan) knew exactly when to push and when to back away. I really enjoyed my experience dealing with her. The owner and the whole staff make me feel special every time I return. Keep up the great work!

Jocelyne Deschambault | ON | 2019-04-17

Excellent service. Kia you are great, thank you and wishing all of you a Happy Easter

Julie St Pierre | ON | 2019-04-16

We are moving in Halifax during the summe, I hope we will have the same quality of services.

Caroline Laframboise | ON | 2019-04-13

Fast service and very friendly

Natasha Van Riel | ON | 2019-04-12

Everyone that I spoke to was helpful and didn't speak to me like someone who had no idea about the parts of her car. I felt like I was treated with the utmost respect and makes my fears about getting service repairs done at a dealership to nil.

A special thank you to Cory from the Uptown Kia in Cornwall site since he rescheduled my appointment for me no less than 5 times and was always nice and patient while doing so. He restored my faith in humanity and that there are nice people out there that still exist.

Gary Hazell | ON | 2019-04-11

Alls good

Anne Gravelle | ON | 2019-04-11

They're very professional, treat us like family :) Cleanliness of vehicle at this time of year is not an issue. Very satisfied :)

Julie Warden | ON | 2019-04-09


Kristine Durand | ON | 2019-04-08

Keep up the great work!

Terence Tuppert | ON | 2019-04-08

Good experience.

Louise Filion | ON | 2019-04-05

Everyone is great to deal with.

Michel Cadieux | ON | 2019-04-04

Completely satisfied. The dealership and staff took care of all issues with my vehicle.

Sybille Seidel | ON | 2019-04-04

No Everything was better then I expected

Othman Soufan | ON | 2019-04-03

Sales representative was out of the store welcoming us while we were just walking! They were nice and friendly. Thanks a lot.

Norman Couillard | ON | 2019-04-03


Rita Ross | ON | 2019-04-01

Nothing was missed exceptional service

Lise Fortier | ON | 2019-03-27

J'y prendrai mon prochain rendez-vous assurément.

Skyler Barham-Deir | ON | 2019-03-26

Friendliest to deal with on phone

Denis Bissonnette | ON | 2019-03-25

Keep up the good work

Stuart Barton | ON | 2019-03-21

All round very happy with the service.

James Mustard | ON | 2019-03-21

Very informative and extremely customer oriented. Service above and beyond.

Manuel Melo | ON | 2019-03-20

Comfortable. No complaints. Well satisfied.

Christian Da Silva | ON | 2019-03-16

Great service. Staff is friendly courteous and knowledgeable.

Robert St-John | ON | 2019-03-14

Thank you for the excellent service.

Raymond Champagne | ON | 2019-03-14

Facility is always clean and customer service is great. The Sales people were Rachel and Justin and they were extremely friendly and thorough with all aspects of purchasing my vehicle and I am completely satisfied with the service and this is why I just purchased my 6th Kia along with the quality of the vehicles and the service Department.

Rene Primeau | ON | 2019-03-12

They are always great, they are knowledgeable, courteous and kind.

Lucienne Lemieux | ON | 2019-03-08

Highly recommend for service courtesy from sales department and services department also

Janice Flood | ON | 2019-03-05

It was a warm and friendly atmosphere. They were kind to my children ( offered them comfortable chairs to sit in, snacks and drinks). The facility was very clean and comfortable and the staff were all very kind and helpful. 

Everything was explained very well and I received exactly what I was looking for. Everything was excellent.

Alan Reynolds | ON | 2019-03-05

Very satisfied with the present offerings at Uptown Kia Cornwall. 

Management and staff makes you welcome. Don’t change management or staff. The caliber of their customer service is VERY hard to find.

Joseph McCooeye | ON | 2019-02-24

Very happy with the service on my Optima. They performed the warranty work in a very short period of time. On top of that, my car was cleaned from top to bottom! Looked like a new car when I picked it up. Awesome! Thanks so much.

Leslie Lascelle | ON | 2019-02-24

Friendly service. Lots of colors available and all models. Ease of viewing all vehicles.

Paul Roy | ON | 2019-02-21

I'm very happy with my purchase,outstanding service,professional and friendly staff. I would definitely buy my next vehicle there.

Guy Desrochers | ON | 2019-02-20

Je suis satisfait globalement. Je suis déjà assez versé dans les technologies électroniques.

Barbara Lehtiniemi | ON | 2019-02-20

Always great people at Uptown Kia.

Howard Riley | ON | 2019-02-19

Service is excellent

James Derochie | ON | 2019-02-15

friendly knowlegable well treated.

Arthur Forget | ON | 2019-02-14

Local, clean and friendly staff. Spent enough time with us and I feel that I can contact them anytime with questions. Rachel was amazing.

Margaret Markell | ON | 2019-02-13


Patricia Carpenter | ON | 2019-02-12

So far have been very satisfied

Peter McCauley | ON | 2019-02-11

Very satisfied

Denzil Lalonde | ON | 2019-02-11

satisfied service

Ricky MacKenzie | ON | 2019-02-10

Love the service. Trust what they tell me. They Don't let me down. They do quality work. Keep up the good work ????

Jean Tanguay | ON | 2019-02-10

I felt well treated, confident in sales staff honesty and willingness to ensure I had information needed to make best choice. Overall very satisfactory experience

Maureen Gauthier | ON | 2019-02-10

It was a really bad snow day & I had a flat. Service people delivered my car to my home. They even delivered a copy of the billing. I require a PSW in order to leave my husband alone. Thisservice is really appreciated. 

Greg De Dekker | ON | 2019-02-09

Just wanted to give the service department a big thumbs up.  Had my wife's Sorento in to get a little problem with her ignition fixed up.  Left the vehicle for the day,  Dan called me right away to let me know what was going on with the vehicle and what he was doing to fix the problem. I picked the Sorento up this morning and was very surprised and pleased to see that the service department had cleaned the interior of our vehicle. Kudos to all involved, Kelly and I are very impressed to be on the receiving end of these extras from your dealership.  Please make sure to extend our thanks to all of the staff for this wonderful service.  Thanks again,  Greg De Dekker Sent from my Samsung Galaxy smartphone.

Catherine Croney | ON | 2019-02-09

They know us and we are treated extremely well whenever we require service or purchase a new vehicle.

Kerry Mitchell | ON | 2019-02-09

Snacks & comfy chairs, easy in and out service!

Mabel Theoret | ON | 2019-02-08

Always looks clean & well organized.If i said no to something..they would go & come back with a better deal. Until i was happy. Had the vehicle at the door all warmed up & facing street. Very happy. 

Nicole Rice | ON | 2019-02-08

Excellent customer service!

Qammar Shahzad | ON | 2019-02-07

Nice customer service

Joan Shirreffs | ON | 2019-02-07

I hate the process of vehicle buying but uptown made it a good experience. Justin's email stressing customer service.

Jennifer Stewart | ON | 2019-02-05

I am truly impressed with how Uptown Kia worked to solve the problem in a van I had purchased only 2 weeks prior at a different dealership!

Gordon Tottle | ON | 2019-02-05

Excellent drop off and pick up.

John McLaren | ON | 2019-02-04

What can I say?. All went very well. You have done a good job.

Patrick Lefebvre | ON | 2019-02-04

Dan always makes me fill like part of the team. So far just a great dealership with great people.

Darleen Bulloch | ON | 2019-02-01

Kia is the best dealership that I had to deal with

Margaret Bergeron | ON | 2019-01-31

The Uptown Kia team was outstanding, Miranda came to our house in the middle of a snow storm to bring us ownership papers that we forgot there! Uptown Kia, you are the best, specially Rachel Roussy, she deserves a raise!

Marsha Graff | ON | 2019-01-30

Fast, efficient and friendly.Job was done quickly and efficiently and staff was friendly and courteous.

Bernard Alain | ON | 2019-01-25

Owner and salesperson were great to deal with. 

James O'Byrne | ON | 2019-01-23

I had a battery issue, they came and boosted me. I drove there to have a recall issue dealt with plus get a new battery and all was done within the hour. they were awesome. I enjoy the people there and the brand has been reliable to me so far. all is good.

Christopher Pakenham | ON | 2019-01-22

I was happy with the work done. It was perfect for me.

Kellie Green | ON | 2019-01-22

good service on time

‎Cat Croney | ON | 2019-01-12

The service at Uptown Kia is why we continue to buy our cars from there (4 and counting)!

The staff is ALWAYS pleasant and helpful! Thank you for taking such great care of us and our vehicles!

Jennifer Berard | ON | 2019-01-09

I was looking for an affordable 7 passenger SUV and liked the Sorento. All staff were friendly, building was clean and had good lighting. 

I was amazed at how knowledgeable the sales consultants were. They made sure that I was aware of all the features of the vehicle and demonstrated them for me. I really felt as if he really cared about me loving my new car. I felt as though Kia was open to negotiation and wanted to do what they could to come to an agreement. I felt they truly cared about earning my business, which made me feel valued. Sales consultant was very professional.


Johanne Dupuis | ON | 2019-01-04

The office was professional, well decorated and inviting. 

Kayla Digiosia | ON | 2018-12-31

Staff is customer focused, professional and quick. Cory and Matt are always helpful. Keep up the good work.

Thor Grant | ON | 2018-12-23

The customer service end was exceptional, very friendly staff. The scheduling aspect was was normal, called and set up a date to have the car looked at for a recall. As for the service initiation- I brought in my vehicle for a recall and I advised them that my check engine light was constantly on, I assumed the car was going to be fixed with one visit, but I had to reschedule for a later date to have the part replaced. All in all it was one of the best experiences I have ever had going to a garage/dealership. Not to mention, while purchasing my vehicle I was comfortable the entire process and the Kia staff went above and beyond to ensure I was happy.

I had questions regarding a minor noise coming from under my vehicle, he was able to give me examples on what it may be and indicated that he would have that portion of the vehicle looked over so that it can be rectified. Very knowledgeable about vehicles and he was professional.

The dealer ship does not have the most amazing location, but it was convenient for me because I live 5 minutes away. The parking lot is organized and easy to access due to them having a double driveway. They also have signage that clearly states where everything is located, for example. The service door, customer parking and the main entrance is pretty self explanatory when you drive in. The cleanliness of the interior is amazing, didn’t look like there was a speck of dust to be seen.

I have warranty on the vehicle so it was free of charge. When picking up my vehicle I was treated by one of the mechanics who moved my car, he was very nice and gave me a good explanation of the extra service that will be neede for my vehicle. Vehicle pick up was very fast and I received all of the information I needed for an overall exceptional experience

They have an amazing staff. From the owner, sales members, service area and the receptionist. Great experience all around.

Amanda Cheryl Brasseur | ON | 2018-12-20

I brought my husband's Sedona in yesterday for a new break job. The shuttle option of a ride to and from work made my day super easy. Since they had the van all day they did a complimentary detailing. Amazing customer service. Thank you for everything :) Hubby was very happy. I will be bringing my optima for servicing as well. Thanks so much to Cory and the Service guys!

Stacy Landriault | ON | 2018-12-04

Ease of transaction and exceptional service. Grade A dealership from start to finish! Amber was pleasant and very easy to deal with!

Kelsey Larocque | ON | 2018-12-04

The people were great very friendly and always ready to help! Keep up the good work!

Jo-Ann Da-Silva | ON | 2018-12-03

The service advisor received me immediately and very courteous. The maintenance was completed in the time estimated. The current dealership has made use of the space. Looking forward to the new dealership.

Anne Gravelle | ON | 2018-12-03

They treat me like family. Steve and staff always make sure i am well looked after. Which i may say makes me a proud KIA owner. Keep up the good work :)

Trevor Amelotte | ON | 2018-12-03

Nice to get a vehicle right away offered to without asking. Thanks. 

Sara Carriere-Bissonnette | ON | 2018-11-28

Great experience over all. Very great service. Chris made me feel very comfortable and ensured I had/knew everything.

Joseph Scott | ON | 2018-11-28

Friendly staff all charges were explained. Friendly and courteous. Best dealership I’ve been to for a while. Very happy with car and service.

Deborah Campbell | ON | 2018-11-27

I explained my needs, Kia gave me choices of times. The day before, I went to arrange an early mornig drop off because I had to go elsewhere that day. Instead they offered to drive me home then so my morning would be free. Always pkeasant and courteous.

Just plain exceptioal service.

Carol Turner | ON | 2018-11-25

Very friendly polite and informative.

Julie Dryden | ON | 2018-11-24

Very good service. Nice clean- lots of light- lots of room to walk around and comfortable being it was cold and windy outside inside nice and warm. I like uptown KIA in Cornwall.

Shirley Pettinger | ON | 2018-11-23

Because I can't get out easily, when I bought the car they promised pick up and delivery even though I live 40 km away from the dealership. They haven;t failed me yet. Excellent service.

Claire Villeneuve | ON | 2018-11-22

Only that you have an excellent and pleasant staff

Shawna Williamson | ON | 2018-11-22

Will always come back to this kia for further purchases.

Neil MacKinnon | ON | 2018-11-20

I was always comfortable with the people and the surroundings. We were not rushed and provided utmost attention in our dealings. Everything was providing even in the worst weather.

Rachele Lafleche | ON | 2018-11-20

Wonderful experience, super happy with my purchase.

Karen Davison Wood | ON | 2018-11-19

Helpfull. Price and time as quoted.

Daniel Villeneuve | ON | 2018-11-17

All employees friendly and helpful. Helpful to make me understand what was being done. Good quality service. Very efficient.

Mary Lazore | ON | 2018-11-16

Very professional, kind, they work very well with you. Impressed with the service I get everytime I go there.

Howard Riley | ON | 2018-11-16

clear anp prompt

Wayne Poirier | ON | 2018-11-15

Very comfortable environment. Sales & service staff very personable & helpful.

Kevin & Eva Moore | ON | 2018-11-13

I want to let you know that we have had nothing but stellar support from your service department over the last year and a half since we bought our 2017 Sorento and most recently we have been getting our Hyundai Santa Fe serviced by your team.

This note is to give a big shout-out to your service manager Mat Bergeron, he went over and above to assist me last week.

In short I was stuck in Ottawa with a dead battery for two days in a row and realized that my cooling fan would not turn off, I called your service department late Friday afternoon from out of town as I was not able to turn my car off for any length of time as battery would be drained, Mat took the call and asked me to check a few things if I could, within minutes he isolated the issue and gave me a temporary work around that enabled me to shut the car off!!, he then suggested if I could come to your dealership he would see what he could do...I quickly took him up on that and by the time I got to Kia he had called all the parts depots in town for the part I needed, within 30 minutes after arriving he had a part in his hand, problem solved, car fixed and I was on my way!!

Mat not only saved a lot of grief that day but saved my weekend as I was working in Ottawa over the next two days and needed to be on the road ASAP.

In short this is a great example of amazing customer service and an individual who cares about his customers and Uptown Kia support!

Many Thanks Stephen! You have a great Team and pass my Huge Thanks to Mat!

Bertina Fawcett | ON | 2018-11-12

Been getting my car serviced for years and like the customer service I have received. Dealership is well maintained and portrays a warm and friendly environment. 


Michael Kearns | ON | 2018-11-12

Very happy thank you.

Veronica Corriveau | ON | 2018-11-12

antastic atmosphire and friendly personnel.

Randolph McRae | ON | 2018-11-09

When I told them I was heading out of town they offered to drop my car off. I didn’t have to ask.

Lucienne Lemieux | ON | 2018-11-09

Very professional, good rates on tires ect. Keeping tires for the winter whithout charge exceptional. Very polite ,considerate and knowledgeable. Everything was perfect.

Susan Forget | ON | 2018-11-08

I bought my car in July 2018 and have had over-the-top service ever since. It has been wonderful. Very grateful to Cornwall, Ontario Kia.

Christine Tessier | ON | 2018-11-08

The selection of inventory was varied, and I was able to see different models and colours in person to get a good idea of what I'm looking for. The actual building inside was comfy and open, not crammed or messy. Easily the most open concept facility I've been to, which helped me not feel constricted and pressured in tight quarters.

I was given the necessary information for financing (bi-weekly/monthly payments, interest rate, etc.) so that I could adjust and fit my budget preference, without being pressured into a choice I did not want. There was a very small wait time from start to finish. The whole deal went smoothly while I still was told everything I needed to know. My financing application was submitted in a quick and timely manner and I was approved in less than a few hours.

My new car (my baby) looked amazing when I first saw it. I was excited, but then was 1000% MORE excited when I saw the vehicle. Can't beat that new car smell either.

Every person at the dealership (from sales to finance to service) was SO NICE. I felt like I could just sit back and enjoy my time at Uptown Kia. Great conversation, super welcoming! The front door was opened for us every time we went inside and we were offered refreshments of some sort each time as well. I felt at home and like everyone actually cared about me.

Literally everything was explained to me. Honestly, nothing was missed.

Daniel Pelchat | ON | 2018-11-07

Je me sens comme si j etais chez nous en famille vraiment tres accueillant.

Marcel Bray | ON | 2018-11-07

I am very happy with my new car and the team Kia, I feel welcome to drop in to ask questions anytime.

Lise Logan | ON | 2018-11-07

The service team at this KIA location is excellent. They are the face of service for KIA and first point of contact for myself as a customer. They are very personable and knowledgeable in all areas of vehicle repair and maintenance. They go out of their way to make a customers experience smooth and hassle free. As a female customer it is sometimes not comfortable to have to bring my car in and explain the problems happening in a mechanical language that is understood but Matt Bergeron and his front line team listen and get to the problem without making me feel stupid or mechanically challenged. They are a great at what they do and instill confidence in the work that is done on my vehicle. KIA is very fortunate to have such a motivated team to help customers in their service dept.

Patricia Sisty | ON | 2018-11-06

It was for putting on snow tires and they were very busy, but were still very efficient and helpful.

Roxanne Tessier | ON | 2018-11-05

Everything was great! 

Audrey MacQueen | ON | 2018-11-04

Professional and very personal.Kind and pleasant. Just as you want. Smiles and polite.

Ricky MacKenzie | ON | 2018-11-03

Very helpful. Very professional. Didn't make me wait. I really appreciate that.

John Lindsay | ON | 2018-11-02

I am very pleased with the service and friendlyness towards the customers.

Cory Smith | ON | 2018-11-02

Dan Ford was very helpful and professional.

John Jesmer | ON | 2018-11-02

Dealing with Rachel Roussy was a great experience. She was especially good at helping my wife I understand the new features offered on this vehicle. The owner was very upfront from the beginning which is a plus. All things being considered it was a good experience.

Louis Mathieu | ON | 2018-11-01

Excellent service as usual.

Fred Regan | ON | 2018-10-31

Service dept actually ordered a new trunk finger pad because we had difficulty opening the trunk since installing an automatic car starter. On the previous visit right after this car starter was installed the service fellow told us to just open the trunk with no pressure on the finger pad .Very difficult to do with the result we used the trunk less and less. So we are very glad to find out what the problem is thanks to Dan and it will be fixed this coming Friday!

Michael Scuffell | ON | 2018-10-30

The staff were friendly and courteous and very prompt with dealing with me. Dan Ford was the service consultant and he was very knowledgeable and extremely helpful with this visit. I have really no complaints on the dealership.

Mr. Dan Ford is one of the reasons I will continue using Uptown Kia for my car needs and service.

Daniel Hayward | ON | 2018-10-29

Very smooth. Very helpful, provided regular updates on work progress. A part that had been taken off and put on again as part of the original work came off. The dealership came to my home (half an hour away) and picked up the vehicle, dropped off a loaner car, and returned the vehicle.

Eleanor MacBeth | ON | 2018-10-29

Very honest and up front and quick.

Heather Burney-Miller | ON | 2018-10-28

Love my little car, and the dealership takes good care of the car.

John McLaren | ON | 2018-10-25

Under the new ownership, KIA Uptown is great!

Margaret Maloney-Jackson | ON | 2018-10-19

Dan Ford was great explaining about the winter tires for what is needed on the car over all I was very pleased with the service I received Thank you looking forward to seeing you soon with our Kia Soul.

Kathleen Anderson | ON | 2018-10-18

We have a fleet of vans that we use for school vehicles that are mostly Dodge Caravans, and with the experience from uptown kia we are looking at switching our fleet over from Dodge to KIA.

Dona Cruickshank | ON | 2018-10-16

I had a burned out brake light and they fit me in to repair it when I dropped into the dealership. I was impressed but no more than the usual great service that I have come to depend on. Thanks to Dan and everyone at Kia.

Pamela Cunningham Seguin | ON | 2018-10-16

Great customer service! Great pricing! Friendly smiles! Answer all your questions!

Douglas Lafave | ON | 2018-10-16

The service is above great friendly people.

Andre Leger | ON | 2018-10-16

Everything was great very professional staff. Excellent experience service was done in a timely manner as expected. Very clean and courteous staff. 

New management seems great hope to buy another vehicle from them at some point soon.

Kiahna Tapley | ON | 2018-10-15

Every time Devon and I have gone in the service has been exceptional and we have always been welcomed. I also wanted to personally thank you for this morning when you gave me a new trunk mat for my new 2019 Forte. This is just one example of the exceptional service I have received here at uptown Kia.

Nancy Delage | ON | 2018-10-15

They did a very good job as usual. Always very happy to get my vehicle serviced there.

John Dewar | ON | 2018-10-15

Just great people and service. Kudos to the service managers and consultants, they are doing a great job with the public and the boys in back are rounding out the overall experience ....highly recommend this dealership.

Sybille Seidel | ON | 2018-10-12

The sales staff were very professional and helpful with my many question and service staff also made me feel like a vip This is the first vehicle that I purchased on my own and had a great experience and would recommend Uptown Kia Thank you.

Kenneth Campbell | ON | 2018-10-11

Everything was great.

Carolyn Whyte | ON | 2018-10-11

The service was completed quicker than expected which was a nice surprise.

Patricia Carpenter | ON | 2018-10-10

All was quickly done.

Derek Harvey | ON | 2018-10-08

The most comfortable, hassle free experience buying a car we have ever experienced.

Carol Bellware | ON | 2018-10-08

The staff is considerate in accommodating my requested appointment time, even when I had to change the date. A driver was provided to take me to Walmart while my car was being serviced and they contacted me when the car was ready and sent the driver to pick me up and bring me back. I don't know much about cars. I lost my husband two years ago and your staff are very patient and considerate when I ask for information or explanation.

Holly Casgrain-Robertson | ON | 2018-10-06

It was an easy and good experience purchasing my KIA.

Lise Fortier | ON | 2018-10-04

Tout le personnel était d'une courtoisie et d'un professionnalisme sans précédent.

Fernand Piquette | ON | 2018-10-04

The service from Julien and Rachel was above and beyond great service. They had exactly what we wanted.

We did recommend to other people to go there. Very good service.

Raymond Champagne | ON | 2018-10-04

It's all good. Always good service.

Lori Greer | ON | 2018-10-02

The facility is neat, clean and professional. Easy to navigate. Our experience was great. The staff were friendly and made us feel welcome. Super pleased.

Linda Duchesne | ON | 2018-10-02

Service is exceptional. Dan has an awesome personality. Very easy to talk to.

Gregory De Dekker | ON | 2018-10-01

Always greeted by name, Any staff coming through the waiting area always acknowledge me and make sure to mention that coffee and snacks are available. Very friendly staff everytime I've been there.

Ann O'Brien | ON | 2018-09-28

HUGE shout out to Amber, Steve and the Uptown Kia family for making my recent purchase so easy and fun.

I walked into the store at 11am and drove away with my car at 4:30 pm....SO EASY.

Before I bought it I noticed chips on the hood of the car. Steve told me to bring i back the following Monday and they would have it totally redone. I went back Monday and they gave me a loaner care for the week.

Uptown Kia is and amazing dealer and the employees make you feel like family the minute you walk in. Super impressed and will be a customer for life!!

Thank you for making what is normally a frustrating process so easy and pleasurable.....

One happy customer!!!!

Melissa Tyrell | ON | 2018-09-28

Service is always great at uptown Kia. This time I was not expecting the extra maintenance but the staff were awesome by setting me up with a loaner for the extra time it would take.

Staff always go over and above.

Andre Hurtubise | ON | 2018-09-28

Exceptional dealership with real professional salesman. No pressure in a friendly atmosphere. Thanks for your help in making this sale. Just love my Sorento.


Rejean Campeau | ON | 2018-09-28

Very professional very little waiting time.

Gail Belanger | ON | 2018-09-27

Everything was done in a professional, pleasant & timely manner. Service consultant knew his stuff, was thorough, and courteous.

Very clean inside & out. I always make morning appt., so I really enjoyed a cup of coffee. The waiting area is comfortable and getting in & out of the dealership is convenient.


Christine Howarth | ON | 2018-09-25

Excellent Service.

Monique Butzer | ON | 2018-09-24

Agent had the right approach.

Steven Coyle | ON | 2018-09-24

The facility was clean well organized and easy to get in and out of. We purchased many new vehicle over the years and this was by far the most pleasant,stress free experience that we ever had.

Stephen Restinetti | ON | 2018-09-21

Staff was great!! Car is very good for its value!

John Tessier | ON | 2018-09-18

Courteous and helpful staff. All questions answered. Great service. No complaints.


Peter Inouye | ON | 2018-09-17


Rohit Behl | ON | 2018-09-14

Friendly & helpful staff.

Debra Duquette | ON | 2018-09-10

New management made a big difference. Staff knowledgeable as well as being friendly and welcoming. I felt confident after my demonstration and knew I could return at any time with any questions.

Marie Richardson | ON | 2018-09-08

Talk with Cory he was very helpful he even came out to show me how to take the car mats out and was very pleasant two thumbs up to him.

Diane Lalonde | ON | 2018-09-05

Looking for a new car and checked the dealerships that had cars the size and price we were looking at. We knew which car we wanted to look at. They had several on the lot for us to look at and take for a test drive.

We were impressed with the ease of this purchase. Rachel, our sales lady, presented all the info we required to help us make a decision. The manager was very cooperative and willing to work with us to finalize the price and terms. The finance person handled all our paperwork efficiently. The service department dealt with all our questions. Overall the people we met as well as the type of service we received contributed to our decision making.

Marion Barnes | ON | 2018-09-04

The team is always professional and service oriented.

Raymond Seguin | ON | 2018-09-04

It was all good.

Colin Bold | ON | 2018-09-01

Service was great once the problem was determined. Having a major problem with the car Mr. Dan Ford kept me updated through out the day. Clean and friendly. Once the problem had been determined by Kia head office, the problem part was replaced.

Paul Dionne | ON | 2018-08-26

Can't complain it was super great service like I always get. and no waiting time. In and out in 1/2 hour.


Debbie McIntyre | ON | 2018-08-24

Matt is service manager and has been exceptionally helpful in many ways and thoughtful towards my needs as handicaped. Another employee noted that my car had been washed but spots noted so he immediately took care of areas ...did walk around to make sure vehicle looked good. Appreciative for his attention and he was not the person assigned to take care of service. Opinion is that all except for one person take pride in jobs and best service provided. Again appreciate the attention to details.

Gaetan Lalonde | ON | 2018-08-24

Excellent service, answered all my questions without pressuring me into anything.

Everything was explained to me clearly.

Roger Leblanc | ON | 2018-08-22

Everything was fine.

France Rioux | ON | 2018-08-22

Very friendly, positive very good overall.

Yvon Beauregard | ON | 2018-08-17

All around very good

Norman Williamson | ON | 2018-08-17

In and out good service. My first time for service very satified. Very good.

Patrick Lefebvre | ON | 2018-08-15

Mr Ford is just a great guy to deal with he always makes you leave there with a smile on your face.

Great guy told me about everything need with my next service like dealing with mr Ford.


Anyke Desrosiers | ON | 2018-08-08

Great service through out the whole process, not pushy and answered all the questions I had and just a great staff.

He listened to what I was looking for and got me the best deal for what I needed in a vehicle and was very patient. She went through everything with me and made me feel comfortable using all different features and answered any questions I had

Michael Asselstine | ON | 2018-08-08

Actually the great staff make the facility top notch in any location from Pitt Street to current and expect the new location will be awesome. Always comfortable visiting for purchase and maintenance.

Again, was simple and painless. I have done this enough in the past were if anything at all bothers me - I walk away. No stress here, appreciated.

It was a very busy day during that day of pick-up. Was taken care of in an appropriate and courteous manner. Staff spent extra time trying to trouble-shoot connecting smart phone to vehicle system. Resolved when they found and tried different usb cable. Easy fix! Again, appreciate all


Cory James | ON | 2018-08-07

From start to finish, the experience was smooth and I'm very satisfied with my vehicle and the service I received.

Leslie Johnston | ON | 2018-08-06

All good. A 12000 km check up. No issues. Everything was great. No issues. Very satisfied. 

Seguin Michel | ON | 2018-08-06

This was our 2nd KIA from this dealership. Our first Kia was a used Rondo 3 years ago and we loved the car. It was time to trade it in. My husband and I always bought used since we have been married. We had every intention to buy used again. Chris explained to us that the deal that was going on at the time a new car would be cheaper then used. He asked which car we were interested in and took us for a test drive. He sold us on the test drive. The trade in value was fair. Our payments are low and we have a new car. He tried really hard to get us the colour we wanted but the sale was such a success so we went with our second choice. Chris contacted us the day after we picked up to be sure we were happy. We are very happy.

Sherry Dupras | ON | 2018-08-04

The guys were great, we chatted they looked at what I need to change..showed me the condition of the part in was replaced....took no time at all...was very pleased as always. :)

Great place, great service, great people and terrific product why we bought another KIA :)


Kevin Moore | ON | 2018-08-03

Great experience.

Leighton Woods | ON | 2018-08-03

Came in was immediately greeted by Dan, some small chat and right to business. In and out awesome service.

Dan knows his stuff, had to order a part, made sure I knew it was under warranty and would need to come back. Even looked into what was needed to get the work done so he could give me an estimate of how long they'd need the vehicle.


Sean Graham | ON | 2018-08-02

Excellent customer service and knowledgeable. The staff in each department at Uptown Kia are excellent. We were treated with respect and welcomed into their “family” of customers with open arms. The dealership is kept clean and it feels like you are purchasing high end vehicles. Justin, the sales Manager, that assisted us and fielded all of our questions quickly and thoroughly was a pleasure to do business with. We would and have already recommended uptown Kia to our friends and family. We will do future business as well.

We wanted the deal finalized the day we chose the Sorrento over the Soul which wasn’t an easy feat as we wanted to pick up the vehicle that afternoon. Justin and his team worked quickly and were able to get the vehicle licensed and ready for us, an hour earlier than we had originally requested! Stellar!

Amber was great and really knew the features of the vehicle.

Overall beyond satisfied with the service and the quality of vehicle. We look forward to doing future business with Uptown Kia

Leanne Jamieson | ON | 2018-08-01

Cory was exceptional. Thank you for great service.

Robin De Gray | ON | 2018-08-01

I enjoy the staff at the Cornwall, Ontario dealership. They are friendly and always there to help. This is my 3rd car from Kia and I keep going back bc of the staff and their services.

Lynn MacDonald | ON | 2018-08-01

Was completely satisfied with the purchase of my new 2019 Kia Sorento! Very pleased! Everything went very well!

Stephanie Delorme | ON | 2018-07-31

The service was efficient and the staff were extremely courteous and friendly.

I was offered beverages twice while there by two different staff members. It was a very pleasant place to wait while my car was being serviced.

Cecile Delhey | ON | 2018-07-31

Friendly environment. Everything was great. Delivery was very good. I would highly recommend KIA to all of my friends and family.

Alain Scheffer | ON | 2018-07-31

Sales assosiate was friendly and made me feel welcome from the minute i set foot into the dealership. Clear cut. Straight-forward. No features were left unexplained.

Richard Sabourin | ON | 2018-07-31


Ian Anderson | ON | 2018-07-30

It was great as always.

Elaine Ladouceur | ON | 2018-07-28

Thank you for all your help. Excellent service and I like that they remember my name!!!

Daniel Grondin | ON | 2018-07-26

Well received when entering the sales department. No pressure to buy,was already strongly considering a purchase. Salesman did a great job of presenting the vehicle. Was happy with the negotiation did not feel rush.

In this case I knew what I wanted,was already familiar with the product. The dealership was quick providing the sales and service, like the hitch and rain guard installation.


Anne Gravelle | ON | 2018-07-25

Best service i ever had with a dealer. Staff are very professional. Truly 100% satisfied :)

Staff are well trained in their department. They don't rush you and make sure to answer any any queries you may have.

What can i say, professionalism is their way of doing things.

Karen Felhaber | ON | 2018-07-25

The dealership has always been feindly and easy to approach not intimidating, as a woman I value that.


Jackie Boileau | ON | 2018-07-25

Amazing service, exceptional customer service, and speedy turn around. Would 10/10 recommend to anyone looking to purchase a vehicle. Sales, finance, and service departments all treated us like friends.

Jeffrey Ward | ON | 2018-07-24

The dealership is awesome, met at the door, made sure I was well taken care of.

Rachel and the crew are great, I had come in knowing exactly what I wanted and they delivered on it!


Andrew Pruner | ON | 2018-07-22

Great service as always.

Stephanie Page | ON | 2018-07-20

They were waiting with smiles on their faces and joyful banter. Always professional!

I have always found Uptown KIA to be a very enjoyable place to bring my car!

Marc Dufort | ON | 2018-07-20

Because the sales person was not pushy, we felt extremely comfortable working out the deal.

Nothing was left out. Very useful info was given.

Jacques Parent | ON | 2018-07-20

Tres accueillant. Et poli.

Gerald Poll | ON | 2018-07-20

Felt comfortable loved the lay out.


Stephanie Roy | ON | 2018-07-19

Walking in here I immediately felt at ease and the environment was very friendly and welcoming. Everything was tidy and organized and presented in a way that was not too overwhelming. Sitting down while waiting to meet with the dealer, I was able to browse the different types of vehicle pamphlets to explore my options and weigh out the pros and cons.

Chris was an amazing salesman. He took the time to find the vehicle that would best suit my needs and he was very honest and personable. He wanted to make sure that I felt comfortable at all times and always paused to make sure to ask if I had any questions or concerns. He worked hard to get me the best deal I could get and I couldn’t be more satisfied with my experience.


Marcel Bray | ON | 2018-07-17

Very clean and comfortable. Very pleasant and knowledgeable staff. 

Lloyd McDiarmid | ON | 2018-07-16

We were given a loaner for the time our car was being serviced. The inside of our car was vacuumed and the dash, windows were cleaned.Happy with the service.

Anthony Stewart | ON | 2018-07-16

Awesome as always!

Daune MacDonald | ON | 2018-07-16

I was given enough time and attention. I didn’t feel rushed, questions answered etc.

Jamie Tessier | ON | 2018-07-13

Was greeted right away and had my car in the garage quickly.

Great service staff at this location!

Brigitte Tessier | ON | 2018-07-12

Happy to see a new owner. Delt with Steve in the past and always been a good honest business person.

Jo-Anne Minish | ON | 2018-07-11

My son teenage took my car down for the service and he was treated very well. He offered my son a car to use while he was waiting. 

Patricia Carpenter | ON | 2018-07-11

All went well. no complaints. All good.

Lori Villeneuve | ON | 2018-07-10

All employees polite, approachable, knowledgeable and helpful. great service. thank you.

Judith Pataky | ON | 2018-07-09

It's very clean they r very friendly offered me and my daughter coffee water snacks and Chris came to pick me up to get the car . I didn't have to go to my insurance company they did it for me. So in other words it was a hassle free experience for me.

Very pleased and no pressure.

Roger Leblanc | ON | 2018-07-05

Clean bright friendly. Very satisfied with Kia Soul Prem.

Rhoda Burton-Levert | ON | 2018-07-04

Very accommodating, asked to be dropped at a friend's house and it was organized quickly without any waiting on my part.

Good experience, nothing negative at all.

Justine Burgos | ON | 2018-07-03

They were a lot of paperwork but the Kia team make it easy for me to understand all of them. My car was washed, cleaned and ready for me right on time. The Kia team made sure to re explain some of the feature and important paper.

The Kia team is a really efficient and professional team. They made me feel really confortable buying my first new car.

Neil Moorhouse | ON | 2018-07-03

Everyone was very nice and friendly. We have no complaints. The few issues we have are being taken care of promptly.

Anthony Van-Gurp | ON | 2018-07-03

Staff was very knowledgeable. Had no problems completely our paperwork. Everything was explained to us adequately. The Kia was cleaned and in excellent condition.

Raymond Seguin | ON | 2018-07-01

Very clean and inviting. Showcase nice.The dealer knew what we were looking for and gave it to us. We are very pleased.

They are a very helpful and friendly service. We would recommend them to anyone looking for great service and prices.

Joseph Scott | ON | 2018-06-29

Felt comfortable when walking into dealership, salespeople were very friendly and welcomed us to their dealership. There was no pressure to purchase. Rachel our sales person did an excellent job to explain all features and benefits to our needs. Overall I would recommend people to experience their service.

Management was very easy to speak to. The finance manager did an excellent job in explaining all the benefits of rust proofing, warranties etc. No pressure which was a nice change.

I would have no problem telling people about my experience at Kia. Everything went smoothly and could not have asked for more.


Natasha Carriere-Andre | ON | 2018-06-22

Staff was great and very knowledgeable. Very clean and friendly atmosphere. Everything was great.

Cleopatra Barnes | ON | 2018-06-21

Nice friendly atmosphere. Great!

Kathleen Nelson | ON | 2018-06-20

We have used Brockville, 417, Orleans Kia. Uptown KIA service was incredible. Hands down the best service we have ever had. 417 use to have two great guys Craig and Mark and we liked them but I would pick Uptown over them.

Kimberly Landry | ON | 2018-06-20

The staff in Cornwall are very nice knowlagable helpful I would give them 9-10 for customer service.

Steven Smirle | ON | 2018-06-15

Was very polite and knowledgeable and explained everything to my satisfaction.

Peter Inouye | ON | 2018-06-14

Friendly envoirnment, clean basic facility. Rachel and all staff were exceptionally polite and great to work with.

Carol Turner | ON | 2018-06-14

I was treated quickly and efficiently with great care and consideration. 

Mariusz Cybulski | ON | 2018-06-12

I like the products from Kia. Convenient location, friendly staff, excellent service.

Justin, Amber, and Miranda were AWESOME!!! It's because of their great service and honesty that I'm in my new 2018 Rio. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend them and Uptown Kia. I want to send a great big thanks their way. THANKS GUYS!

Gregory De Dekker | ON | 2018-06-12

Dan is very good at what he does. The dealership is always spotless and the staff are always very friendly.

Patricia Wadham | ON | 2018-06-09

All very friendly and helpful.

Ricky MacKenzie | ON | 2018-06-09

They are honest i like that. Looking forward to future kia cars and suvs.

Susan McGillis | ON | 2018-06-07

I was thrilled to see that they had washed my car and had vacuumed the interior and cleaned the floormat and cleaned the salt stain on flooring from the winter.

Nancy Tessier | ON | 2018-06-05

It was great, they drove me to work, then picked me up ON TIME when my vehicle was ready.

William Jenkins | ON | 2018-06-04

Was very good.

George Bigalow | ON | 2018-06-04

Very easy to book appointment - no delay waiting for paperwork.

Clean, well organized service area. Not too noisy. Staff seem to be very customer service oriented. There was very minor amount of paperwork and it was all ready and complete; my vehicle was dropped off when completed. very excellent service.

A good experience. One of the reasons I purchased from this dealer, is great service in the last several years.

Michel Dufour | ON | 2018-06-01

Compared to previous experiences with past dealerships, Kia dealership was most enjoyable. We totally enjoy our 2018 ex soul.

Debbie McIntyre | ON | 2018-05-31

Matt was exceptional at making sure that i was making the right decisions. Greatly appreciate his attention to my problems with the vehicle.

Florence Watson | ON | 2018-05-27

I always have good service when I go to Kia. They all do a great job. Keep up the good work.

Alicia Brown | ON | 2018-05-25

There were several superficial scratches on the car, however they were addressed with exceptional care by the OWNER of Uptown Kia. He personally buffed each scratch and I am truly grateful for his mild spirit and pleasant manner.

Miranda was a pleasure to deal with. She is professional and friendly, and sensitive to private financial matters.

Katherin Casey | ON | 2018-05-25

A driver drove me home while work was being done, then returned to drive me back to the dealership........VERY GOOD SERVICE......

Explained thoroughly and courteously. Quick and easy pick-up. Staff helpful and friendly.

Troy Murray | ON | 2018-05-24

It's a comforting and inviting environment. Spaced out properly.

Jean Cousineau | ON | 2018-05-21

People friendly service staff and technicians. No surprises in the work done by the technicians. Good experience overall.

Claire Yelle | ON | 2018-05-21

From our first step in the dealership showroom we received exceptional service, respect, and understanding about our budget restrictions and type of vehicle we needed.

Claire Villeneuve | ON | 2018-05-21

Every time I get my work done at Kia, it is always a pleasant experience . The guys are very nice and knowledgeable.

Always a pleasant experience.

Alison Legault | ON | 2018-05-17

Dealership is clean and well organized and maintained. Staff are very friendly and go above and beyond to help you out.

Chris was truly exceptional and knew his job well. He made me feel comfortable and confident in my decision making. I went to the dealership with a particular vehicle in mind and once there seen another that I wanted to test out. He took the time to tell me about both vehicles and help me in figuring out my final decision. Great job Chris.

Alicia Brown-Neilson | ON | 2018-05-17

I have to speak about Steve. During my final walk-around I noticed a few tiny marks on my Soul EX. They could have been easily ignored, or excused. Steve came over and buffed them out personally. I was not made aware who he was until halfway through the process. Steve is the owner of Uptown Kia.

He could have sent a technician. He very quietly did the job himself. I am in awe of this. His manner, mildness, and willingness to get involved in such a menial task touched my heart. I did not feel worthy of such outstanding client service.

(Owner) Steve, thank you.
(Sales) Rachel, thank you.
(Financial) Miranda, thank you.

I will remember this day, your assistance in all matters, and will be praising your work for years to come.

James Barton | ON | 2018-05-16

Without being able to see what the problem was he gave me a very good explanation as to what may be going on with my vehicle . After conducting a road test with me he kept my vehicle ( for safety reasons ) and provided me with a vehicle to drive until mine was repaired. This all happened within an hour of the service department closing ( exceptional ).

I was called when vehicle was ready and when I arrived the keys were handed to me ( with an explanation as to what was done ) Paper work was provided as to completed work . In and out under 10 Min.

Barbara Lehtiniemi | ON | 2018-05-15

Courteous. Responded to my appointment requirements.

Eleanor MacBeth | ON | 2018-05-11

From the dealership excellent Housel free and very friendly like a family touch.


Marcel Samson | ON | 2018-05-10

What sold us about a kia was the warranty and service recommended from our friends.

Matthew Ladouceur | ON | 2018-05-10

Salesman was easy to talk to, down to earth and wasn’t overly aggressive to buy. We liked the look of the vans.

Andrew Pruner | ON | 2018-05-08

Despite the impossible, dealer was able to find the car and get the price in our budget.

The dealership, and all staff involved (Rachel, Justin, Steve, Miranda) and Chad, all made sure that my wife and I were treated well, and set the standard for what the car buying experience should be. Very grateful for there hard work.

I feel thoroughly taken care of, and do not feel anything was inadequately explained.

Kenneth Campbell | ON | 2018-05-08

The building is clean, well organized, and functional. I did not have to check how good their inventory, variety, etc is because the salesman found the exact car I wanted, brought it in front, showed the features, and I was sold. They seem to be doing a good job displaying their cars as best they can with a small lot.

I felt no pressure, they answered all my questions, and I believe I paid a fair price. Chris told me anytime I need his help figuring out the multimedia system or anything else to just drop by. The service staff was very helpful to me in servicing my Rondo.

Gary McLennan | ON | 2018-04-30

Friendly clean. No pressure fair deal. Helpful. So far so good.

Diane Grannary | ON | 2018-04-29

I like my Kia product very much. Plan on many years of comfortable driving.

Jo-Anne Minish | ON | 2018-04-28

Interested at looking at a Kia and googled where a dealership was.

Rachel is an amazing sales person. She listened to what we wanted and was able to offer us exactly what we wanted. She did upsell us, but she intuitively knew what we would be happy with. We did not feel pressured at all. Her friendly, inviting personality as well as her knowledge of what she was selling was appreciated. We have and will recommend Rachel to anyone we know.

Stacey Meyer | ON | 2018-04-27

Excellent service and shuttle service. Thank you!

France Rioux | ON | 2018-04-26

Great service, employee friendly ,smile love this location.

Denise Hurtubise | ON | 2018-04-26

He was very nice, my car had a recall which was done immediately, very friendly. Thank you...still love my Soul after 4 Years...

Everything was great..

Joseph McCooeye | ON | 2018-04-24

Very friendly and helpful as usual.

Lyne Sauve | ON | 2018-04-22

They are always courteist, always polite and ready to help and ready to go above and beyond.

Very professional.

Mabel Theoret | ON | 2018-04-18

Everything went well. Friendly staff. Accomodating. Overall experience exceptional.

Veronica Corriveau | ON | 2018-04-18

Great service

Paul Dionne | ON | 2018-04-17

Was treated like I matter to them which was nice to see.

Daniel Gillard | ON | 2018-04-16

Just went in to get a price they were great no pressure my son was going back to collage the next day so i got new car in 3 hours i would pay more for a kia just from the experance they gave me they were great.

I will be back again.

Daniel Pelchat | ON | 2018-04-16

Tous le monde chez kia est toujours tres agreable avec moi.

Colin Bold | ON | 2018-04-14

Always well looked after at my Kia Dealership. With a phone call to me by Dan Ford explaining what the problem was and how they were going to fix the problem and what time the vehicle would be ready . Life is Great.

Down To Earth Representive.

David Windsor | ON | 2018-04-13

I did not engage with your auto maintenance staff, however, I assume by the reflection of you service desk staff and amicable sales staff.

I was informed of an item on warranty that had to be ordered (air bag issue) and that appointment will be for Next Thursday am.

Your staff were excellent,timely, mannerly and informing. Thank you.

Edward Allard | ON | 2018-04-13

This is my 4th Kia in the past 10 years, which would suggest that I am very comfortable with the dealership and the quality of their products.

The financial consultant was also very professional and ensured I was aware of all the details of the deal before I signed anything. There was no hassle or haggling, no hidden costs and I did not feel any pressure to finalize the deal. When the car became available, the final details were completed promptly with no unexpected surprises.

I was satisfied with all the explanations.

Yvon Beauregard | ON | 2018-04-11

Keep it up you are doing well.

Gail Belanger | ON | 2018-04-11

I've been very satisfied every time I've had service done at Uptown KIA.

John Dewar | ON | 2018-04-09

I was familiar with the service manager and I trust him. The sales associate was excellent had a wealth of knowledge about her product.

Clean, bright facility, filled with knowledgable people. They were realistic and reasonable in their dealings. Very professional and thorough.

I am hoping that this is the start of a long lasting happy relationship.

Ciarra Pelkie | ON | 2018-04-09

Very nice, clean, and organized!

Cory Smith | ON | 2018-04-06

Chris was nice.

Ian Anderson | ON | 2018-04-05

As always, friendly and courteous. Cory knew his stuff, explained everything. This dealership never changes. They are always above the bar. They are quick and professional. 

Hans Schutz | ON | 2018-04-04

Dealership is very clean and well organized - staff super friendly.


Janet Manuell | ON | 2018-04-03

I have not purchased many vehicles in my days but vehicles were available to check, the sales person was very nice. I did not feel pressured. Any questions I had were answered. It was just a great experience from start to finish.

I am not one to haggle. I agreed to price and that was it.

Anthony Stewart | ON | 2018-04-03

Total proffessonals.

Marcel Delisle | ON | 2018-04-02

Very friendly and clean.

Sophie Sarault | ON | 2018-03-30

Giving the fact that I had no appointment made, they were very kind and helped me out as fast as possible. Very appreciated!

William Parisien | ON | 2018-03-30

I really like promptness, competence & I was never disappointed. Very happy.

Anthony Stewart | ON | 2018-03-29

We would like to thank Amber, Chadwick, Justin, Steve and Miranda for all there help. The folks at Kia make your dreams come true! So go get your Kia Today they'll do ya right. At Kia everyone does what it takes to make you happy from manager to mechanics there top notch!

Gilles Lafrance | ON | 2018-03-28

Experience was great with all the staff encountered and a question ask was replied to.

Darleen Bulloch | ON | 2018-03-27

Very friendly ,waiting period was on time ;was offered coffee and snack everything was very good.

John McLaren | ON | 2018-03-27

Had good experiences with KIA products,have owned 3 KIAs,this is our fourth.

New dealer, great improvement over previous dealer. Easy...all done quickly and fairly. When everything is fine, there is not much to say, and that is the case here.

Patrick Lefebvre | ON | 2018-03-25

My experience with a man named Dan Ford at Uptown KIA was super a great guy to deal with had a visit with a sales girl named Rachel would buy my next car through her

Suzanne Obyrne | ON | 2018-03-19

I was very satisfied with my 2016 as i am with my 2018 kia forte. Chris the sales men and Justin the manager were very great at making buying a new car a happy experience. We had some family emergency and they accommodated us , When we came in to pick up the car the first thing Chris asked us was how was our great granddaughter doing. He made us feel very important to him. I have been letting everyone i talk to know how great he is as a sales man. My husband is now thinking of trading in his kia sportage.

James Sparling | ON | 2018-03-18

Well presented.

Natasha Carriere-Andre | ON | 2018-03-14

Very clean and presentable. Seating area is comfortable and welcoming. Look is very modern - not outdated.

They were completely honest and took the time to go over all aspects of the paper work. Answered all questions.

They went over every feature from the navigation/radio to the seats. We were very happy with the condition of the vehicle and service we received from all staff at Uptown Kia.


Ricky MacKenzie | ON | 2018-03-11

Truly a great dealership. Great people to deal with. Good experience.Ontime. Not made to wait longer. I will be back.

Kimberley Willems | ON | 2018-03-10

Between Chad and Chris, we got great service and could not ask for better.
We love the new Kia, and are enjoying it more and more everyday. Friendly staff.

Chantal Jodoin | ON | 2018-03-09

Excellent staff.

Linda Duchesne | ON | 2018-03-07

Great service!!!

Michael Owens | ON | 2018-03-04

All is good!

Edith Crosby | ON | 2018-03-04

Very Good Service. Very satisfactory.

Troy Blackadder | ON | 2018-03-02

What an amazing buying experience from start to finish. Amber our Sales Consultant greeted us with a huge smile and answered all of our questions. We felt very relaxed and at home at there dealership. Everyone there treated us just like familly. The transition to delivery was flawless and we are very happy customers. If your looking for amazing customer service this is defenitely a must stop into dealership. Thanks Again for the amazing service.

Susan McGillis | ON | 2018-03-01

Always like going and chat with staff, having a receptionist to greet and answer any questions is appreciated, also snacks after a long day at work.

Michelle Small | ON | 2018-02-26

Great service, friendly staff...they where great with the kids had apple juice and chips which was perfect seems I just picked them up from school.

Great friendly staff.

Steven Smirle | ON | 2018-02-23

Every thing was done to my satisfaction.

Catherine McGrath | ON | 2018-02-19

I would highly recommend Uptown Kia.

Lisa Labelle | ON | 2018-02-17

We are so happy with our experience with Chris and Justin and everyone else at Uptown KIA. It made the trip to Cornwall from Montreal totally worth it!! We love our truck and will definitely recommend Uptown KIA to all our family and friends. Thank you!!!

Jason Wiet | ON | 2018-02-17

The staff is amazing and eager to help you find what YOU want, not what they want to sell you.

Never pushed me into anything always looking out for my best interests. Thank you Chris, Justin and Miranda. I am very happy.

Marc Carriere | ON | 2018-02-14

The staff was very friendly and not pushy. Let us look at our own leisure.facility was very clean.


Kerry Mitchell | ON | 2018-02-12

Quick to process appointment and fulfill service intake.

Always ready to give assistance or suggest upgrades to improve vehcile's performance.


Sylvie Lefebvre | ON | 2018-02-11

It was very clean. The staff were friendly and cordial.


Marie Bissonnette | ON | 2018-02-09

Amazing facility. Very clean and welcoming.

Neil Hutt | ON | 2018-02-07

Staff was extreamly helpful and friendly through every step of my purchase.

Financing was easily handled by staff. Explained the benafits of extended warranty which I was happy to invest in. Even handled the licensing. Truely a hassle free experience.

Our salesman left no stone unturned. Explained all the vehicles features and provided his contact information in case we had any questions about it in the future.


Edward Allard | ON | 2018-02-06

Everything met my expectations.

Vivian Moody | ON | 2018-02-06

Great Dealership. Everyone is kind and professional and wonderful to customers.

Rodney Rozon | ON | 2018-02-06

I would like to thank the staff at Uptown Kia for making my first new car purchase a great experience.A special shout out to Sales Manager Justin Cote, Sales Consultant Christopher Atchison and Financial Services Manager Miranda Morin for making me feel comfortable and at ease from the moment that I walked into the showroom. By helping me to chose the vehicle that was best for me and keeping me within my budget. I must commend Uptown Kia on their wonderful and courteous staff .

Heidi Sebalj | ON | 2018-02-03

Wonderful greeting on arrival, courtesy car waiting for me. all "the boys" friendly . work done was explained in full. overall excellent experience!!

Wonderful greeting, great guys, great job. THANKS KIA

Gilles Parisien | ON | 2018-01-31

New sales staff was fantastic and very informative about any vehicle I asked about. 

Vivian Moody | ON | 2018-01-31

Purchased a new vehicle last week and everyone at the dealership was wonderful. Everyone that works there is very kind and professional. Everyone went the extra mile to make sure we were happy and everyone was perfect.

Thank you very Much.

Janet Robinson | ON | 2018-01-25

I worked in the service industry and we were constantly striving to rate a 10/10. Because of this, I make myself aware of the environment when I visit a business. I felt the need to comment on my experience when I left. The staff and surroundings at the Cornwall office are second to none. Thank you

Howard Riley | ON | 2018-01-23

Friendly personnel. Clean well organized efficient. Owner, and sales staff are very welcoming making customer feel like part of the team.

Carol Coffey | ON | 2018-01-21

Excellant service and friendly---no delays. 


Sarah Bird | ON | 2018-01-19

Other than only having a few color options, the dealership was very clean, and welcoming. I appreciated the fact that they let us leave with a courtesy car until our new car was ready.

It was very simple. We felt respected and heard and informed. Overall the staff put our nerves at ease and did not make us feel uncomfortable by being too pushy. We did not feel the need to haggle too much as what they offered was very reasonable.

The salesperson Amber was very kind and helpful in our first car buying experience.


Daniel Pelchat | ON | 2018-01-18

Tous le monde dans la batisse m accueille comme un roi secrétaire homme de service mécanicien toujours tres serviable

Ginette Sabourin | ON | 2018-01-18

All went well. Brought in my Kia Soul for a recall on the heated. Service consultant explained to me what they will do to ensure safety.

Fred Regan | ON | 2018-01-16

They even dried our floor mats for us!

Mildred Taylor | ON | 2018-01-16

The Uptown Kia is very friendly and very efficient in handling any issue I bring to them. This is my 5th with this dealership. Allow many players have changed the friendly efficient service is still there even though the dealership has grown a lot.

Lise Logan | ON | 2018-01-15

I have always received the best service at this KIA facility. The front desk service people are always pleasant and attentive to my vehicle needs and time constraints. I have nothing negative to say about the staff in the service dept here. They listen to my concerns and explain everything so that I can understand fully what is going on with my car. They also make suggestions to prevent issues from happening. They seem to be continuously increasing their customer service to keep them ahead of other vehicle facilities which is good to see that (they get it). If they had no customers to service they would not have a business and become obsolete. When I enter this building I feel very comfortable to talk to them about my vehicle and not feel like I don't know what I am talking about (half the time I really don't) but I describe the problem and they figure it out.

Jegathasan Thambipillai | ON | 2018-01-15

Uptown Kia dealer's very help and concern and taking own time to explain everything. I will recommend to my friends.

Christine Howarth | ON | 2018-01-14

Very good.

Michael Smart | ON | 2018-01-13

The service was great always.

Roxanne Tessier | ON | 2018-01-09

Amber was a pleasure to deal with!

Jacques Juneau | ON | 2018-01-08

We were able to discuss business in a private setting , quiet environment , relaxed atmosphere without any interruptions.

Of the six various dealers I visited during the buying process , this was the most satisfying experience : pre-sale , bargaining process, selling stage and after sale.

The vehicle was delivered to my house and because of the frigid temperatures, I opted to go through the owners manual on my own with the intent to contact the dealer rep. If need be .

Doreen Ryan | ON | 2018-01-08

Facility was clean friendly and we were received with open arms.


France Longtin | ON | 2017-12-30

As I mentioned to both Chad and Steve, the owner, I was particularly impressed with the way I was dealt with at Uptown Kia. I appreciate the fact that the owner, without even knowing me prior to my purchase, was always smiling and acknowledging his customers. That, and the fact that Kia has improved their products, made me come back to Kia. I have to say, I feel very safe in my new 2018 Sorento. Much more than I ever did in my previous one (2014 Sorento). Thank you!

Joan McCuaig | ON | 2017-12-29

Very friendly service. Answered all my questions Was in and out in good time.

France Longtin | ON | 2017-12-29

I was very satisfied with the service dept. Dan was super friendly and knowledgeable.

Robert Varley | ON | 2017-12-28

Treated us very well.

Renata Daze | ON | 2017-12-27

Great dealership. Exceptionally nice staff. Great customer service. They went out of their way to ensure we are happy with our purchase. No issues with facility.

Thank you for exceptional service.

Alfonsus Vaicekonis | ON | 2017-12-20

All were very friendly and helpful. No explanation given other than my issue was the first they encountered. The vehicle was brought in and checked which resulted in the deduction the part was defective. The part was ordered and an appointment for replacement was made. When I attended for the appointment the work was completed in less time than they had advised. Very pleasant experience.

Work was warranty so you can't get any better than a $0.00 charge. The vehicle was service very quickly so there was no need to leave and there were very few customers in at the time so there were no issues of any type.


Lisette Laperle | ON | 2017-12-18

Great people, great service! Staff always willing and eager to help. No complaints. Extremely satisfied.

Laurier Delorme | ON | 2017-12-17

Everything went smooth.Staff was very polite,and friendly atmosphere.

Leslie Johnston | ON | 2017-12-14

We knew what we wanted and had talked to Chadwick before we got there. The staff that we met and dealt with were fantastic.

The car was all clean inside and out.

Chadwick was great to deal with. Thank you so much.


Barbara Terry | ON | 2017-12-14

Good service and finished when promised.

Joseph McCooeye | ON | 2017-12-11

Very friendly staff. Treat you great.

Eric Millward | ON | 2017-12-07

Amber took the time for all my questions. I didn't feel rushed to leave. Assured me if I had questions after I left to let her know.


Lucille Jacobs | ON | 2017-12-07

The service was great, took my vehicle in right away. Had no chairs in waiting room and the attendie got a chair for me. Asked me if i wanted coffee or anything to drink.


Martin Persky | ON | 2017-12-06

Nice country style shopping experience.

Susan O'Connell | ON | 2017-12-05

Very pleasant to speak with. My vehicle had been recalled, so the work to be done was specific. The work was done in a timely manner.

I really appreciate the attention given to clients. For example, I had been given winter tires as a perk when I purchased my car; however, they did not work out, and the Manager handled this matter very professionally, which gave me complete satisfaction with Kia's approach to car problems. Something I appreciated at the moment, and this would definitely be one of the reasons for me to return to Kia for help in the future--whether needing service or buying a new car.

I had returned to ask that my "perk" winter tires be checked because there was a bumpy and fluttering ride since receiving the winter tires. The agent said the tires were normal. I decided to get a second opinion, and the feedback indicated the tires were from November 2006, and they were extremely brittle and worn. Feedback was to change them immediately, which is what the Manager at Kia did. He set an appointment for the following afternoon to replace them with brand new tires. I'm thankful.

I like the dealership, I like the people and I would recommend it to others. They treated me fairly, although I did have to seek a second opinion. It all worked out fine.

Denis Bissonnette | ON | 2017-12-05

Ive never seen such an amazing team that works together so great to fulfill a customers needs truly remarkable employees

Robert Lalonde | ON | 2017-12-05

The staff were very friendly and professional at all time. The offices and show room were very clean and organized.

Again the staff were knowledgeable and kind. They were professional at all times, shaking our hands upon arrival, upon completion of the deal and upon leaving. Made our children feel comfortable while there by offering juice, and brought in chairs to make them comfortable as well. Took plenty of time to answer our questions, and didn't get pushy when we declined certain features. We had a great experience and we love our new van!


Wayne Poirier | ON | 2017-12-04

I chose to wait while my 2015 Rio received a service 3 maintenance package. The staff were extremely friendly & helpful.

Barbara Guertin | ON | 2017-12-04

I find the staff extremely helpful and great to deal with.

Serge Ethier | ON | 2017-12-03

I only go to Kia for all service needs. The staff is great and the prices are fair. The job is always done right.

Joseph Morris | ON | 2017-12-02

A very friendly owner, & great sales manager, & a very good salesman, will advertise for your dealership.

Ian Anderson | ON | 2017-11-30

They are great. It is the season for winter tires and I did expect they maybe a bit behind cause of this. I had no issues with them being behind. I expected it in fact. They took the time to carefully remove the tires and rims off (rims were aluminum alloy custom very expensive) to prevent damaging them which I fully appreciate. Fantastic service and look forward to all interactions with them in the future. Great Job guys. Keep up the good work.

Gillian Kent | ON | 2017-11-27

All of the staff at Uptown Kia are exceptionally friendly and helpful.

Jennifer Harper | ON | 2017-11-27

Staff is always polite, friendly, and efficient.

Jeanine Parent Lalonde | ON | 2017-11-26

Très bien merci! Mon prochain véhicule Kia sera certainement chez Uptown Cornwall.

Florence Watson | ON | 2017-11-25

I have always had good service at Kia. Thank you for the great service you offer. I find Kia a very good dealership and I'm glad I have been using them for so many years and will keep on doing so.

Very good. Very satisfied. Keep up the good service.

Carol Coffey | ON | 2017-11-22

Effective interaction and polite. Effecient.

Jo-Ann Da-Silva | ON | 2017-11-21

Courteous and efficient.

Phil Marleau | ON | 2017-11-21


Lise Fortier | ON | 2017-11-15

La courtoisie du personnel était exemplaire.

Colin Bold | ON | 2017-11-14

Snow tires and rims were ordered before the appointment and tires were installed on rims just waiting for us to arrive for our appointment. Waiting time was very limited. We were well looked after with friendly smiles and a free cup of tea and a soft chair to sit and wait. Nothing wrong with that.

Always looking out for his clients needs. Willing to be always helpful. 


Rene Primeau | ON | 2017-11-13

The work was done faster than expected the staff were all exceptionally nice informative and helpful.

Debra Berniquer | ON | 2017-11-12

Service was good nice waiting area enjoyed a cup of tea.

Paul Holland | ON | 2017-11-12

Best dealership I have dealt with. I have complete confidence in the service department. Mathieu Bergeron and Dan Ford in particular have always been extremely helpful and efficient.

Leighton Woods | ON | 2017-11-10

The customer service consultant Dan Ford who served me was absoletely excellent. I brought in two small kids with me and he offered to get me wherever I needed to go, move car seats around etc, which I declined. He checked in with us periodically while waiting for our vehicle and make sure we were well taken care of. Great job Dan!

Susan McGillis | ON | 2017-11-10

The sale person was professional and realistic and not pushy. I realize they will move into a more modern dealership. My decision was not based on looks of dealership, personal touch of salesman sealed the deal.

Arthur Charbonneau | ON | 2017-11-07

Was made welcome on the visit and driven home in the courtesy vehicle as it was going to take half a day to complete the required work for the recalls.

The service consultant was attentive and knowledgeable about the recall and answered all my questions and was very helpful and pleasant.


Louise Dubeau | ON | 2017-11-07

Very friendly & accommodating & helpful.

Lisa Mercer | ON | 2017-11-07

I had a great overall experience with the staff everyone there Is very friendly and helpful.

David Howarth | ON | 2017-11-06

Excellent service. Excellent staff. My experience throughout the process of purchasing my new 2018 Kia Sorento, was excellent.

Colette Charron | ON | 2017-11-03

Thank you Kia staff for going the extra mile for me..I am very happy.

Brad Hunt | ON | 2017-10-30

Very impressed in the way the entire service went. Also kept abreast of the mechanical issues and the steps being take to resolve them. Overall great experience and staff.

Kerry Mitchell | ON | 2017-10-30

Love going to MY KIA dealership. Makes me feel like a visit to a good friend, comfortable. the dealership has always tried to make things right when I missed a promo special I got another deal!!

The deal was easy; I knew what I was willing to pay and KIA made it happen!

Have an open invite to sit with the dealer anytime! Love that.

Alan Crossthwaite | ON | 2017-10-28

Everything went as expected.

Jean Geneau | ON | 2017-10-28

Its always very clean. All went well.

Bonny Tessier | ON | 2017-10-27

Every one was very helpful. They were great I wouldn't change a thing. Uptown Kia is the best dealership in town. All the staff are always ready to answer my questions. Keep up the great work guy's. They did everything they said and more.

David Holford | ON | 2017-10-27

The personnel and the environment for waiting customers are good to excellent. On occasion I wait for an hour or more and have no complaints.

The recent incidents with oil stains in my garage was a concern, but I am told this is due to some spillage during the work and not a leak - there is no continuing sign of a leak.

The staff I am exposed to are excellent; polite, helpful and willing to answer questions with logical explanations.

My future vehicles will almost certainly be Kia products.

Joan McCuaig | ON | 2017-10-26

Sales person worked hard to reach a deal with me. One that I was comfortable with. Answered all my questions.

Would recommend them to my friends and family.



Rob Myers | ON | 2017-10-21

Any place will sell you a vehicle, and offer great customer service. Knowing that nothing is ever perfect, it’s when you need help solving issues that a dealer becomes important. I have had nothing but great service from uptown kia and the owner himself. Being a picky and very observant person i can imagine i am not always “pleasant” to deal with but the customer service remains #1. Strongly suggest doing business with uptown kia here in Cornwall.

Diane Grannary | ON | 2017-10-19

No, its all good.

Joyce Bender | ON | 2017-10-18

Staff very attentive including the sales part of the offering coffee, etc.

Charles Johnsen | ON | 2017-10-16

The advisor told me the service would take 3 hours, and I asked if I would be provided a courtesy drop off and said there would be no problem.

Was helpful providing me with a courtesy car and keeping me informed as to how long the service would take.

Dealership is clean and waiting area is very comfortable. Staff are professional including the shuttle driver.

The work was completed within the time I was told it would be completed.

France Longtin | ON | 2017-10-12

Everything is up to par. I also really appreciate a hot coffee and was able to get on the Internet on my iPad. I was very happy to see that the problem was under warranty.

It took a little longer because they found another problem when they did the maintenance check. It’s all good!

I also want to mention that a gentleman who I assume was the owner, made eye contact with me and said good afternoon. I thought that was very nice of him!


Gregory De Dekker | ON | 2017-10-10

I did have a problem on this visit but spoke with the dealership and all was looked after.

Stephanie Savage | ON | 2017-10-09

Miranda was very efficient and terrific. All staff were friendly! It made the whole experience very easy, and we felt welcome there.

Robert Myers | ON | 2017-10-04

Always had good service, friendly team of people able to negotiate to get me into what i want and not something I don't.

I gave my best offer and it was accepted, no hasstle or games.

Although not at all the dealers fault, the uvo intelligence system was a bit hard to setup, but my sales person has been helping anytime i need help.

Gisele Gray | ON | 2017-10-03

No complaints.

Ian Anderson | ON | 2017-10-02

Nope Good people, Good car.

Kandie Williams | ON | 2017-10-02

The staff were friendly and accommodating.

Lloyd McDiarmid | ON | 2017-10-02

Very pleased. The service staff knew that my wife was coming to drop the car off, needed a ride and needed to be picked up at a certain time. All this was done.

Peter Turner | ON | 2017-09-28

Our salesperson was very helpful very knowledgeable. We enjoyed dealing with this dealership everyone was very helpful. The dealership is well organized. Managed well.

Very friendly and complimentary. They offered us to return at anytime for help with any feature.


Guy Perreault | ON | 2017-09-28

Just wanted to try something new other than GM.

Facility where very well organised, ease of entrance, salesman was right there to greet us. Cars well displayed and ease of manoeuvring between vehicles.

Walked in with one deal, step out with a closed deal.

Alice Thibert | ON | 2017-09-27

I had an excellent service and I would recommend it.

Lise Lavallee-Quan | ON | 2017-09-26

The people make the difference, from the first greeting to the final sale. The staff make the dealership facility very inviting.


Margaret Hachey | ON | 2017-09-22

Everyone was very nice, polite and helpful.

Louis Mathieu | ON | 2017-09-19

Professional showroom - ease in displays. Very professional. Amber was a joy to deal with.

Ashley Lapierre | ON | 2017-09-19

Everyone has great costumer service, everything was done in a timely manner and I was able to run errands as I waited for my car to be ready!

Great work KIA!

Isabelle Pilon | ON | 2017-09-18

Nous voudrions faire part de notre extrême reconnaissance envers Monsieur Stephen C. Eastman et Monsieur Mathieu R. Bergeron de l’équipe de « Uptown Kia » suite à une mauvaise situation vécue dernièrement.

Samedi 12 août dernier, en route pour deux semaines de vacances et la voiture remplie de bagages, nous avons eu la mauvaise surprise de voir apparaitre la lumière ''Check Engine'' sur notre tableau de bord.

Nous avons appelé l’assistance Kia qui nous a dirigés vers un concessionnaire qui était sur notre itinéraire de voyage et dont le service technique était ouvert le samedi. Le préposé nous a mis en ligne avec le service du concessionnaire Kia à Cornwall. Mon conjoint a expliqué la situation avec son meilleur anglais, mais Monsieur Mathieu Bergeron a vite offert à mon conjoint de parler en français si cela était plus facile. Première approche client très rassurante. Nous étions donc attendus chez ce concessionnaire environ 45 minutes plus tard.

En arrivant sur place, Monsieur Stephen Eastman, nous attendait et nous a gentiment offert un café et a discuté avec nous, en français, sur nos plans de vacances et nous a fait visiter les lieux. Ne parlant malheureusement pas anglais et dans cette situation plus que déplaisante, un samedi et au début de nos vacances, je dois dire que cet extraordinaire accueil nous a grandement rassurés.
Ils ont décelé un problème important au niveau du thermostat qui ne nous aurait pas permis de continuer notre route. Ils ont pris le temps nécessaire pour corriger la situation pour que nous repartions en toute sécurité.

Cette expérience qui au départ était très négative et stressante s’est révélée être une belle expérience puisque nous avons fait la rencontre de gens sympathiques et très axés sur le contact humain. Cette expérience fait aussi en sorte qu’il ne serait pas surprenant que je décide d’aller acheter mon prochain véhicule chez ce concessionnaire même si mon domicile est à 150 km de Cornwall et même si je dois changer de province.

Du "service à la clientèle" comme nous en avons eu à cet endroit est rare de nos jours. C’est pourquoi il était important pour nous de le faire savoir.

Gros merci à toute l’équipe et bon succès.

Claude Perras | ON | 2017-09-13

Matt and Dan are excellent at their Jobs. I will be returning to Uptown Kia

Veronica Corriveau | ON | 2017-09-13

Excellent customer service great atmosphere in store.

Francine Ritter Von Trautmann | ON | 2017-09-10

The service department told me that it will take about 1h30 to fix the problem. My friend and I wanted to go shopping and one of the employee took us to the Mall. We would like to say thank you for that personal service. Very appreciated.

Melissa Morgan-Dobson | ON | 2017-09-07

After my recent car accident the dealership did everything they could to get me into the car I wanted and quickly. They provided me with a service loaner during my wait for delivery of my new car. They staff are very friendly and welcoming. I truly have nothing but compliments for the entire staff at Uptown KIA.

Dana Jackson | ON | 2017-09-07

Contacted by dealership for recalls to be completed....added on my oil change and break inspection as suggested.'

Very clean always attentive friendly associates.


Loes Breuers | ON | 2017-09-06

Friendly greetings, attentive service

Kerry Mitchell | ON | 2017-09-05

Meets my expectations.

Mellissa Morgan-Dobson | ON | 2017-09-01

A huge thank you to Uptown KIA for the amazing service both before and after my accident, as always. And for getting me into the Niro. I absolutely love it. You guys are totally awesome. Thanks for the super kewl shirts. We will wear them when we go to the KIA Plant during our trip to Seoul, South Korea.

Marc Brunette | ON | 2017-08-25

Nice experience. Would recommend to friends and family.

David Height | ON | 2017-08-25

The employees greeted us with smiles, they had their uniforms on which is very clean looking. The store inside was immaculate very clean not at all cluttered inside.

Being a Ford owner we have never been so disappointed in my life!! As it was the vehicle I eventually traded in which was a 2010 Ford Fusion became their loss. We eventually came to Kia without high expectations!! BUT in fact I drove home a new 2018 Kia Soul.

We absolutely are in love with our purchase.Also we have never been treated with the utmost respect. We were also suprised at how well the dealerhip was. There was not anyone getting their vehicles repaired like we experienced at our local Ford dealership.

We were served and met with a amazing deal and awesome perks when we purchased our new vehicle we are very actully extremely happy with our decision so much we actually praised Uptown Kia Cornwall in a local Facebook group and a lot of people are going to look at what is available themselves.

Sheri Webb | ON | 2017-08-24

We recently contacted Kia Cornwall as I had an unfortunate accident on our first day of vacation. I backed my Kia out of an underground parking spot and hit a cement post. Stephen and Mat were both amazing in helping our situation.

Stephen answered the phone after closing (which is awesome in itself!!), was very patient in answering our questions and asked us to come in the next day. When we arrived Stephen greeted us as the door with a warm welcome.

Stephen had already let Mat know of our situation. We asked it there was some way that the damage could be held together until after our vacation. Mat said he would look at the car. We enjoyed a lovely cup of coffee while we waited and couldn't believe the personable service we received. WOW!!! WOW!!! WOW!!! These two guys are amazing and really helped a bad situation turn good. They had us on our way within 40 minutes!! Thanks again for ALL your help Stephen & Mat!!!

Thanks so very, very much!

Nancy-L Gauthier | ON | 2017-08-22

Called for an appointment for regular service package. Mentioned that I'd had a couple of recalls that needed to be addressed. The service department informed me that they were familiar with the recalls and they would be taken care of promptly. They also let me know that there would be no cost to me as one of the recalls required what was already in the package I was scheduled for. Hurray! I like those visits. Very appreciative.

Service department and it's advisors are always courteous, knowledgeable, and approachable. They keep me informed of any unexpected problems.

I have always had pleasant experience(s) when dealing with sales dept and service. Knowledgeable and pleasant staff.

Marlene Morrissette | ON | 2017-08-20

Very prompt and courteous.

Laurier Fredette | ON | 2017-08-18

Etablissement relativement petit mais tres propre et conforme. Le concessionnaire a tres bien evalue ma voiture d,echange et a respecte sa parole.

Andre Laframboise | ON | 2017-08-18

It's a small facility, but the use of available space is being maximized, and everything was spotlessly clean and comfortable.

No issues at all; an excellent experience overall with very minor hiccups that were quickly resolved.

Jennifer Harper | ON | 2017-08-14

It was just an oil change! But service staff were courteous and knowledgeable as always.

Marion Barnes | ON | 2017-08-13

As always, great service. Thanks Matt, Dan, Tyson, whoever serviced the vehicle - and especially to whoever cleaned the vehicle. Great job!

Donna S. Dufresne | ON | 2017-08-12

Steve and Miranda was so amazing to deal with gave us a awesome trade in price on ours we were very satisfied as a result we are extremely happy owners of a Kia Soul EX wowsers what a gorgeous vehicle not only did we receive our vehicle there were also perks in our trunk - we have the Kia Hampster each a ball cap a Bluetooth mini speaker and a blanket 4 oil changes plus full tank of gas thank you so much for taking care of us Steve.

Bruce Thompson | ON | 2017-08-11

Shuttle was great, prompt and courteous.

Marcel Bissonnette | ON | 2017-08-11

Good Service.

Lise Logan | ON | 2017-08-10

I have always received exceptional service and advice from this KIA dealership service center here in Cornwall. I have dealt with Matt Bergeron on a number of times for maintenance on my vehicle and he has always gone out of his way to provide me with advice and great service, he always makes me feel comfortable to ask him any question or concern about my vehicle and not feel stupid. He is a great asset to the company and the face of KIA service which is very important because as we all know first impressions are important and tend to stay with us weather they are good or bad. Matt is very knowledgeable and if he does not have the answer right away he will find out and get back to me.

John Tessier | ON | 2017-08-09

Courteous and helpful. Truly satisfied of service and advisor. Love the area and facility. Completely satisfied. Great employees! Friendly.

Catherine Croney | ON | 2017-08-08

Clean, neat, well laid out and inviting. It's our 4 vehicle purchase from there and we'll continue to buy and service our vehicles there!

Lise Gibeault | ON | 2017-08-08

No complaints!!!

Carole Greggain | ON | 2017-08-04

The service was great, everyone was to the point at what was to be done on the car. We had no problems at all.

The service consultant was courteous and to the point. Everything was explained clearly.

The pickup process was easy and simple. NO problems.


Gregory De Dekker | ON | 2017-07-31

Service manager actually made contact with me outside as I was pulling in. Held the door for me and finished with the customer in front of me and then looked after me. As I sat in the waiting room, every staff member that passed acknowledged me and a couple even asked if I needed a coffee. Very impressive.


Pierre Tessier | ON | 2017-07-25

Excellent service so far i am very pleased with my Kia.

Murielle Amyotte | ON | 2017-07-24

Happy friendly wanting to help. They either knew the answer or found it. Clean and tidy. 

Service seems much better than a few years ago. Done wright first time.

Ranold Lazore | ON | 2017-07-16

Very friendly, always asking if we want anything to drink. If we are ok if we need anything.

Amanda Van Overbeek | ON | 2017-07-15

I was very happy with the excellent service I received at this dealership the whole team was very knowledgeable and efficient and more then willing to do their best to make the sale, which made the whole buying experience pleasant. I would absolutely recommend this dealership to friends and family.

They really took all the stress out of the whole process, everything went very smoothly and efficiently.

They did a great job and even invited me to come back if I had any questions or needed any assistance with anything.

Dalbir Khattra | ON | 2017-07-12

I am writing in regards to the great service I recieved from Neil and the rest of the staff at Uptown Kia. They made the buy so smooth and effortless for me. They were very kind and took the extra step to help. Even after I had bought the car they called to see how I like my new car. I love my Kia Sorento it has everything I wanted and need. I would definitely go back to them again if I ever need another car in the future.

Natasha Carriere | ON | 2017-07-10

Extremely friendly staff. I just went in for an oil change so it was quick. Very clean, welcoming environment. 

The staff are so friendly! You can tell that they are truly passionate about what they do. It's great to walk in there and feel welcomed.

Margaret Bergeron | ON | 2017-07-07

All Good.

Gisele Gray | ON | 2017-07-07

The staff are inviting, they make you feel welcome, tend to all your needs .

Jeanine Parent Lalonde | ON | 2017-07-07

Simple, claire et facile! Tout m'a été très bien expliqué à deux reprises. Merci au vendeur Justin Côté pour l'excellent service chez UPTOWN KIA Cornwall.

Edith Crosby | ON | 2017-07-06

No problems, everything completed as scheduled. To date I have always had good service.

Irene Ward | ON | 2017-07-05

Courtesy and professionalism was top notch. Each person encountered was pleasant and seemed genuinely pleased to see us each and every time.


Jack Kyer | ON | 2017-07-05

Very friendly service clerks.

Heidi Sebalj | ON | 2017-07-04

Efficient, professional service , very accommodating , clear communication of work required. 

Dan was welcoming provided alternate transportation inform me of updates - Matt facilitated detailing - everyone was upbeat and friendly - awesome atmosphere.

Effective efficient friendly staff - 2 thumbs up.



Kevin Moore | ON | 2017-07-04

All was completed in time specified, was greeted by sales, Chadwick and Steve, offered a bottled water as I was heading out for bike while SUV was in for oil... Great Service!

I had bought a Sorrento at Uptown and brought my daughter in and she bought a Sportage both experiences were very good and the service experience has been the same, great job!

Catherine Francis | ON | 2017-07-01

All good.

Michael Scuffell | ON | 2017-06-30

Did a good, complete job. Well done. Overall happy with service.

Peter Ozinga | ON | 2017-06-23

Well it gives me peace of mind that I take my Rondo to the dealership for it's regular maintenance, be it package 1,2,or 3. I don't put on many miles, but it's nice to know that the car is reliable. With your service, I think I can keep the Rondo for at least the next 5 years. Thank you.

Lisa Larocque | ON | 2017-06-22

I would like to let you know that I have always had very good service at the Dealership.

Matt and Dan have always been friendly and polite. I have known Dan for years and I think very highly of him. I'm glad he's part of the Team.

Shawn in the shop has always taken the time to discuss what he's done with my vehicle. I respect his option and his work ethic.

I just wanted the Management Staff to be aware of this...its a great atmosphere to walk into.

Jessica Maracle | ON | 2017-06-20

Today marks one year since I have become a KIA customer. And I am more in love today, than the first day I met my car. We have travelled to new interesting places, had a few bumps along the way but kept each other safe. 

Deciding to choose KIA was a tough decision but the best one I've made. Special shout out to all of the staff, who not only remember your name but also go above and beyond to make the oil changes and check ups an easy and sometimes even a fun experience!

Steven Smith | ON | 2017-06-17

Overall one of the best purchase experiences we have gone through. Mike was very helpful , professional and made us feel comfortable.

Margaret Hogan | ON | 2017-06-16

All went very well. No issues. Very fast and efficient.

Crystal Wood | ON | 2017-06-15

All of the staff at Uptown Kia are truly amazing people from Reception, to Sales, to Service/ Parts, everyone goes above and beyond.

I always feel at home when I walk through the doors, till the time I leave, and always a smile on my face.

They sold me my first vehicle, my second and will sell me my third. I'm so grateful to be part of the KIA family; kudos to the entire team keep up the great work!

Matt Johnston | ON | 2017-06-12

They keep my Forte running with great service!! Its like walking in to a bunch of family!!

Courtney Thomas | ON | 2017-06-09

I had recently rented a vehicle and it was a Kia Optima. We really liked the comfort and ride.

The sales rep and the owner were very helpful and not at all pushy. We had no intention of purchasing a vehicle but the professionalism and helpfulness of the people at Uptown Kia made the decision fairly easy.

Martha Mitchell | ON | 2017-06-09

I was greeted immediately upon my arrival, handed over my keys, sat to wait for my vehicle and was made a cup of tea by the service personnel.

Very friendly staff, have dealt with some of them throughout the years.

I was only in for basic oil change and waited for my van. I wasn't promised a time only that it wouldn't be long. I was completely satisfied.

J-Robin Axten | ON | 2017-06-07

Very quick, professional, and easy.

Sarah-Jane Woods | ON | 2017-06-06

When finding out that I had surgery and was unable to drive, they went above and beyond to get my car in by sending a driver.

Dan went above and beyond with making sure that my car got to Uptown KIA, making sure it got the service it needed, and had someone return it to my house much cleaner than when it went in as well.

I did not pick up my vehicle, but it was delivered to me. I am very impressed with how my needs were accommodated.

I just would like to take the opportunity to thank Dan and his team of service people at Uptown KIA. Service was above and beyond, and for that I am truly grateful.

Paul Mathieu | ON | 2017-06-05

Thank you to the sales department for offering to rectify a misunderstanding with regards to the inclusions/exclusions in the sales price.

Gisele Bazinet | ON | 2017-05-29

Best Service Ever!

George Bigalow | ON | 2017-05-29

Clean, not too flashy but tidy and efficient looking. Sales people and office workers cleanly dressed but not "overdressed". A satisfying environment both for service and sales.

Vehicle in mint condition, all settings adjusted to "comfortable/easy", near perfect demonstration of features.

Joseph McCooeye | ON | 2017-05-28

Very friendly and helpful staff. Always seem to remember me personally and are genuine in their approach.

I had an issue with my car pulling to the right. They listened, looked at the car and then recommended some warranty work. Car drives much better now.

Danielle Lussier-Desrochers | ON | 2017-05-25

Well received at the service desk. A quick replacement for the backup camera, and everithing under warranty.

J-Sally Blacker | ON | 2017-05-22

We have always had good service from Kia Cornwall (Uptown Kia). We've been with them since they opened in Cornwall Ontario.


Genevieve Newton | ON | 2017-05-18

Due to tire seasons (winter), we had to wait spring time to get recalls done. When we finally agreed on a date (needed to be in the after-noon) for service, it was well done and quickly executed.

Breckyn Fowler | ON | 2017-05-16

The staff at this dealership have been extremely helpful while diagnosing a very odd transmission/sensor issue. I have greatly appreciated the attention to detail and ensuring that I am still able to get to meetings, etc on time while taking care of my vehicle. The waiting area has always been very comfortable and offers great wifi connectivity so I could still work while waiting for my vehicle.

I hope to have my current vehicle for a while longer, but the fantastic level of service I have received in the service department has convinced me to deal with the sales department when the time comes.

Colton McRae | ON | 2017-05-15

Parts department great to deal with.

Scott Dumoulin | ON | 2017-05-10

Clean and bright...was welcomed at the door by staff. Experience was great and we picked up the car with no issues.

Everything I needed to know was explained to me.

Marissa Villeneuve | ON | 2017-05-09

The facility was clean, inviting and made me feel comfortable while I looked and discussed my vehicle. Every step of the process felt easy.

Nothing was not adequately explained. He made sure I left with no questions unanswered.

Alice Thibert | ON | 2017-05-09

Keep up the good work. The way they greet people with a smile.

Serge Ethier | ON | 2017-05-08

All I can say is that I will always deal with Kia. My car was purchased at KIA new, and servicing has only been done at KIA, nowhere else. The services are always done promptly and correctly. If there are any changes other than the reason the vehicle was brought in, we are always contacted by the dealership with an explanation and to have a decision on the required extras. There are never any surprises, or unexpected work done. Your service team in my opinion is the best in the business.

Gregory De Dekker | ON | 2017-05-08

All staff we dealt with were incredibly friendly and helpful. From the time I made contact with the sales consultant to the time of delivery, everything went quickly and any questions or concerns I had were answered almost immediately. Would definitely recommend Uptown KIA.

Ashly Cooper | ON | 2017-05-05

Amazing experience. Felt like family when dealing with the staff. Highly recommended!

Cassie Lascelle | ON | 2017-05-04

Excellent customer service and attention to my specific needs when choosing a car and financial options. Helped me get as close to my budget as they could even after adding remote start to the overall price.

Exceptionally well in providing information on every component and making sure I understood. Car was in excellent condition.


Julie Taylor | ON | 2017-05-03

Just wanted to let you know about the great guys in your Service Department. Today was a much better experience than the last time I was in. I hope these guys are around a long time. Thumbs up!

Heather Burney-Miller | ON | 2017-05-03

Love my little car!

Marcel A. Delisle | ON | 2017-05-02

New Ownership really good compared to before!

Edith Crosby | ON | 2017-05-02

I was very satisfied with the service provided.

John Tessier | ON | 2017-05-02

I loved the location, and the building was clean, and the staff friendly.

Raymond Giguere | ON | 2017-05-02

Very friendly and polite Sales Team.

Raymond Champagne | ON | 2017-04-26

Loved the new look, was brighter and the configuration of the service counters is more inviting when you walk in. Matt and Dan are very professional and friendly and super courteous all around great guys...Thanks KIA.

Daniel Hayward | ON | 2017-04-25

Went over a brake issue found during checkup accompanying winter tire removal. Explained part and labour charges to replace brake pads.

Deborah Stewart | ON | 2017-04-22

Cornwall, Uptown Kia Rocks

Amy Lynch | ON | 2017-04-21

Great staff and convenient location for regional areas, accommodated our family's needs and we will hopefully be customers in future again.

Marcel Boudrias | ON | 2017-04-21

I had the interior of my car detailed yesterday. An excellent job was performed. Mathieu Bergeron was very gracious and helpful. I had a wonderful chat with the shuttle driver. 

Everyone so far that I met with at KIA were pleasant and courteous.

PS - I love my Sorento.

Emily Dore | ON | 2017-04-21

Always feel important and treated like "family" when I walk through the doors. Always happy to do business with you guys!

Jack Ray | ON | 2017-04-21

As always, very well satisfied.

Debra Berniquer | ON | 2017-04-20

What ever question I asked it was answered. When I picked up my vehicle I forgot some functions but they gladly explained everything again.

Wanda Mason | ON | 2017-04-20

Excellent knowledge of the Forte 2017. Thank you! 

James Hughes | ON | 2017-04-19

Staff very polite and helpful. This is my second car purchased.

Lucien Desrosiers | ON | 2017-04-14

Very satisfied! Great service!

Crystal Wood | ON | 2017-04-13

I have always had outstanding service with this facility for my first purchase as well as my second purchase, as a customer of Kia Cornwall i always speak highly of Kia to friends and co workers. One EXTREMELY satisfied customer of Kia Cornwall, ON

Richard Bycroft | ON | 2017-04-12

It was all good!

Robert Taplay | ON | 2017-04-11

This is our 4th purchase of a new Kia car. Although the main reason for our going with Kia in the first place was the 5 / 5 warranty, we have become loyal customers for many reasons ... i.e. the reliability of the car itself, great service, the general feeling of trust, etc. Uptown Kia is by far the best dealership we have had dealings with in Hamilton, Ottawa, or Cornwall.

Congratulations to all and many thanks from both of us!

Cheryl & Bob Taplay

Richard Jesmer | ON | 2017-04-09

Friendly and courteous service and quickly done!

Larry Lalonde | ON | 2017-04-07

All in all great people that work there...

Patrick Lefebvre | ON | 2017-04-05

Everything was just great, and the Dealership was clean and neat!

Sophie Marion | ON | 2017-03-30

By far the best experience I have ever had in purchasing a car. They were very informative and upfront about pricing, costs, and trade in value of my car. All the details were thoroughly explained and there were no surprises or hidden fees that I was not expecting.

The did not try to upsell on a model upgrade as I did not need the features that came with it. They advised me that the Sorento I purchased met all my needs and wants and was a better price.

The delivery process was very smooth. Justin Cote took the time to re-explain everything as well as go over all the features again and answered all my wife's additional questions. He helped set up the first service appointment and intorduced us to the service workers. He did an amazing job!

I am very impressed at how they made it a pleasurable and memorable experience.

Bonny Tessier | ON | 2017-03-27

Friendly service, clean show room, the staff knows there stuff. I am very happy with the delivery process. I could not ask for better!

Amber Lee Brissard | ON | 2017-03-23

My wife and I both agreed that Uptown Kia deserves 100% on this survey, the reason being, not only did they find the best vehicle for the two of us, but it was the perfect vehicle for our family, which means more to me then anything else.

Also not only did we get the greatest customer service throughout the buy, but even now, after our purchase Uptown Kia is extremely interested in any questions we may have, also always asking us how we enjoy the new vehicle.

My wife and I feel so welcomed since our first purchase at Uptown Kia, and now with our second, even more now. It's nice to walk into a place and feel known and welcomed right away!!

Huge Thumbs Up to Chad and Miranda at Uptown Kia! Great customer service and great follow through from these people! They will continue to get our business!

Thank you for our new 2017 Kia Sorento!

Venessa Rodriguez | ON | 2017-03-20

It was an absolute pleasure dealing with Uptown Kia after having a horrible experience with Kia of Brockville. Steve, Miranda and Mike were great to deal with. They were very attentive and knowledgeable. They made van buying easy and enjoyable. I'm looking forward to driving from Ottawa to Cornwall to have my service done!

Melissa Tyrell | ON | 2017-03-17

Dealership is kept well organized and clean. Show room is inviting and the staff is extremely polite and welcoming. They make any visit there a happy one.

Nancy Tessier | ON | 2017-03-16

The day i called Kia to look at my vehicle, they wanted my vehicle that day BUT i recently had an accident and broke my right tibia/ fibula and could not drive for the next 3 months and that my husband was already gone to work with his own vehicle.

Kia did not even hesitate to offer coming to get my vehicle to have it brought back to the shop and service it. They were awesome at picking up and bringing my vehicle back that same day, repaired. My hats off to Kia of Cornwall (Uptown Kia) for going out of their way to help me out.

Kayla Di Giosia | ON | 2017-03-11

Very clean inside. The lot was well organized. Miranda had all of my paperwork ready for me, and was very organized and considerate of my time. Explained all of the details of the financing very clearly. Great dealership, good staff.

Jean Muakadi Kabantu | ON | 2017-03-03

Congratulations for what you are doing. The service was excellent.

Lise Gibeault | ON | 2017-02-23

The personnel there are fantastic; they go over and beyond!! You can tell that they are good and honest,working people that understands that everyone worries about money.

I love Kia;wished they would of been around for the last forty years because I would had bought all of our cars at KIA!!!!!!  Being in the public,for almost all my life also my husband(we truly feel strongly about a product,we are both like a walking advertisement for Kia!!!

Kerry Mitchell | ON | 2017-02-21

I love the comfortable,modern waiting area. Very nice casual & welcoming atmosphere. The staff are especially cordial.

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